March 17th, 2012

By me!

Shop in Echo Park?

Hey everyone! I am moving to L.A for three months very soon and my dad told me that there's a Japanese fashion store in Echo Park, I am looking into selling my clothes and such when I go over there so I just wanted to do some research and see what options I have before I get there, I was just wondering if any of you have been or if anyone knows the name at least? Is it any good?! Google is being useless to me today!
Thanks very much :)
punk rock

Anime Boston Fashion Show, Continued!

Hey egl!

After sending out all of the fashion show e-mails today (e-mail me if you didn't get a reply!), we are still looking for a dandy, a sailor lolita, an egl, and possibly another gothic lolita and punk lolita for the Anime Boston fashion show if anyone out there would still like to submit. (We will look at any other late submissions too and see if we can fit them in, but those are the ones that we are most interested in.)  If you're interested in submitting, check out my original post here: