March 16th, 2012

Fairy Angel Help

Hi everyone, I ordered from Fairy Angel for the first time.

I ordered a skirt this week ( On Sunday) and I paid immediately, and I got the payment confirmation email. It's now Friday morning and I haven't gotten shipping information yet. Do they usually take this long? I've read reviews and it seems like they're pretty quick.

I also emailed them on Monday asking if i could potentially cancel it...(because I realized that it was probably a tad much for my budget). And they haven't responded. And I sent them another one on Wednesday
, but in Japanese, and still no response. Im just worried about my order. I either want my money back or the skirt and there's no sign of either at this point. Maybe Im being too impatient ?

What should I do? What may be happening?
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Baby SF Shipping?

Hi everyone,

I noticed on BTSSB's San Francisco facebook page that they got in a couple of things I want (chocolate a la mode!), and I saw they're accepting email orders from US customers now. Has anyone here ordered things from them for shipment? I'm wondering how long shipping takes and what your overall experience was like.

Question to UK Lolitas and customs

Ok so the package I ordered from Fairy-angel finally made it into the UK. The total was £270 for the items. Fairy-angel did not ONCE contact me back in regards to my package, I requested multiple times for them to put a lower amount on the package only to be ignored.

Which left me with a £102 customs charge for a little skirt and a sweater. These aren't even for me, it's for my partner. What should I do? Customs stopped using their direct phone line so I can't even argue wih them about it, and I can't afford another £100. That's almost half the value of the items INCLUDING shipping. What do you UK Lolitas do?

I've been trying to find a way to get a refund for the items, Fairy-Angel doesn't ever respond to emails and I'd like to be able to continue eating. So paying isn't really an option for me. I had £60 saved (the same for the £350 dress that I bought from CDJapan).


Hello! I'm requesting pictures of the Chess Chocolate skirt worn! I honestly can only find 2 pictures.. Plently of the dresses, none of the skirt! ;~; Please help a girlie out <3.

PS: If anyone was wondering what the Sailor OP cutews from Angelic Pretty look like i'll lemme know cause i'm receiving one in the mail soon ^^

Lolita Charity- free lolita and kodona clothing to impoverished lolitas!

So there's this Tumblr and they give away free lolita clothes from bodyline and fan+friend and such.
They only started doing this yesterday, so I just thought I'd spread the word. For more information check their FAQ and Guidelines and such things. It's all on the tumblr. Just for future reference, I guess. 
(This isn't self advertising, I promise)