March 13th, 2012

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For those who like antique book bags...

Yumetenbou/DreamV is doing reservations for their version in multiple colours, which will not be the same quality as Innocent World or Angelic Pretty, but will also not be the same price. (I have some of their gal bags--they definitely won't stand up to the same hard use my Liz Lisa bags do, but they're cute and serviceable and I won't cry blood if the BART turnstile tries to eat it, which left scars on my favourite AP bag...) The bag ships on 3/29 (Japan date) but one colour (the green) has already sold out. is the link. You can order directly from Rakuten with a credit card and for DreamV/Yumetenbo you not only don't need shopping service, you also do not need forwarding service. They ship EMS.

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Metamorphose petticoats

Hi, I was wondering which shape the petticoats of recent outfits from Metamorphose have:

It looks a bit a-line to me, even though that is supposed to be "wrong" for sweet lolita. It confuses me!
thanks in advance if you reply!
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Assembling headdress?

So, my Qutieland order arrived today! I'm absolutely thrilled with everything in it (even if the fleecy scarf did arrive just in time for the weather to change ^^;), but I've hit a slight snag regarding one of the headdresses.

I ordered two of the Rococo Soul Rose Bouquet Headbow, one in pink and one in black. They've come as a headband and a separate rose piece with a safety pin on the back, and I can't find a way to attach them together for love nor money. Does anyone have any ideas? Even bought the same headdress? I'm sure it's very obvious, but I'm just not seeing it.

Thanks! :D

Is Pink Macaroon still an active brand/company?

Their LiveJournal and Facebook doesn't appear to have been posted in since last year, but I'm dying to have one of their Unicorn Fantasy skirts now that I actually know who makes it. Does anyone know if they are still actively making stuff, or maybe moved to a new website? I apologize in advance if this has been asked already, but I searched and didn't see it anywhere.
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