March 12th, 2012

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Stretching shoes?

Geeze I haven't posted on here in a while
Anyways, I just received an order from qutieland which included the Milky Planet JSK replica and rocking horse shoes, these specifically. 
I picked the smallest size because when I measure my foot it was a 21 cm, so I thought 22 cm would be fine.
I got them and they fit OK, but I would like them to just be a tad bit bigger.
Can anyone help me out?

Also additional question because I'm a total noob but how do you lace them up or whatever?? xD I had a lot of trouble with that and couldn't figure it out

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Recommended Detergents Please

I'm looking for some detergent to hand wash some clothing, but I have no idea what to choose to look for. My goolge-fu has failed me, as I thought there was a post somewhere here that had info, but I can't find it :< 

I live in the US, so preferably something I can acquire with little difficulty would be best, but I'm sure others across the globe would find such info useful to. 

Also if anyone has a good recommendation on a tub they use for hand washing would be nice too :D

Suggested Products to hand wash with
Panda Cherry

Are you the only loli in your house/apt./dwelling?

Hello everybody! So I am going to have to replace my current (awesome) roommate very soon, and it occurred to me how awesome (and unlikely T-T) it might be if my new roommate was also a lolita! Not that sharing my hobbies would be a basis for choosing a roommate (cleanliness, respect, and amiable personalities are the most important to me), but I'm thinking that it would be a nice plus. And so, to my question(s): do you live with other lolita and if so, do you enjoy it? Do you offer one another advice and friendly critique on coords and what not? Maybe I'm just in pink, flowery, fantasy paradise here.
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Bodyline Yokoso Rocking Horse Shoes?

Hello all!

I'm thinking about buying a pair of rocking horse shoes from bodyline yokoso. The ones I want are actually in the punk section and thier number is
shoes262. I want them in black. I was wondering if someone could tell me how they feel about them- quality wise.

Also, Im a bit unsure how to choose the size. (I am an American 7 1/2 to 8 btw)

 Thank you! any help would be greatly apprieciated

Edit. I don't know why but for some reason it seems that comments are being screened automatically. I've fixed it several timed but it's not working. I will try to unscreen any comments right away.srry

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