March 11th, 2012

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Question about a BL skirt

Hi, EGL! I'm considering ordering Bodyline's l005 skirt in brown. Does anybody here own the skirt? If they do, is it lace up in the back, or just shirred? Also, is the big satin bow in front removable?
If not, can anybody point me toward budget-friendly skirts for casual sweet/classic? (Preferably over 55 cm long. I'm kind of tall.)
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EGL Artist listing + [req] identify the artist

Does anybody know...
1. Who created the illustrations on our favourite prints? I really want to know who drew Iron Gate (I don't know if Mana drew it himself?), Masquerade Theatre, for example.
(edit) Masumi Kano and Mitsuba, the respective designers of Baby and Aatp, are the ones who created the prints themselves. Not sure about other brand prints yet.
2. Who drew this illustration on Aatp's carrier?
(edit) The answer seems to be one of Aatp's designers :)

I also want create a list of the official artists in Lolita fashion; people who directly work with brands to create graphic for prints, advertising, etc. I tried to find a list on EGL but only found this.

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Engineering Lolitas?

Hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you are (or plan to be) engineering majors, or any other usually male-dominated field? It seems kind of silly, but my mom has gotten me all worried about how my (probably male) professors are going to react to frilly skirts and hairbows in their lecture hall. I'm worried that the clothes I wear will give them a reason to try and flunk me. I'm probably just over-thinking it, but I'd still like someone else's opinion on the subject.

Also, this is my first post, so please tell me if I've done something wrong!

Twinkle Mermaid tattoo-ised

I was a lolita for years, and although I've moved away from the style now, I always knew that I wanted to get a Twinkle Mermaid-inspired half-sleeve tattoo as a tribute to lolita (and because I really love mermaids). I've been working on this for just about the last year, and it's finally finished, so I thought I'd share it with you all as an example of a super-loli tattoo.


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Time to Twin results!

A big Thank You to so many wonderful entries this month!

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The prize this month is two beautiful pairs of wristcuffs, kindly donated by belovedwolf
Please check out her Etsy shop for more wristcuffs and cute accessories!

If you would like to donate a prize to one of our contests in the future, please go here to make a donation!

March contest is still running, please check here on our 'Over The Top' theme!
We're looking forward to your entries!

Theme post: Old Teddy Bear bag

I found this teddy bear at a thrift store awhile back, but didn't really get around to doing anything with him until now. I've been wanting to make a stuffed animal purse for awhile, since most of the ones you can buy from brand and the like are really really expensive (duh) and personally I feel like they'd suit a more sweet outfit, and I wanted something to use in a more classic one. 
More under cut!

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Washing brand

Hey, so I just checked the memories noticed that the post which had all the washing symbols on doesn't work anymore (the image was showing up as broken for me)
so i thiught I'd share this which I just found:

Also quick query, I have IWs Rinks OP in brown ( and the tag says it is dry clean only. Sadly I don't know what any of the dry cleaners where I live are like so I was wondering if anyone has hand-washed this dress and how it came out?
I figured it should be fine since its just a plain dress made of polyester based t-shirt material but since this is my first and only brand dress I just thought I'd check!

(Unless any of the Bradford Lolitas can recommend a dry cleaner near the uni?)


Photoshoot Post: Double Milky Planet - Gothic meets Sweet no.1

Hello everybody! ^^

This weekend, essie_morbide and I had a visit from the lovely harlyharlekin to take some pictures. We decided to go with a double Milky Planet set! harlyharlekin wore a gorgeous new wig by MintyMix and coordinated her yellow Milky Planet JSK with gorgeous mint and pink accessories to match, while essie_morbide wore my Black Milky Planet OP and rocked a more punk-inspired Bittersweet look! Together, they worked like two sides of the same coin. After getting stuck in traffic for an hour, and even with impending rain, this was an absolute pleasure to shoot ^^ I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! ^^

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I'll be posting the second half of our photoshoots when I've edited those images - in which we paired Angelic Pretty up with Moi-même-Moitié! ^^

You can always see the most recent updates over at DeviantArt! :3
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Wig question ?

Hello , I`m going to buy a wig to wear at a lolita meeting ,I want to find a dark bleu wig
Does anyone know good online stores that sells good quality wigs for lolita

Thank you :)
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