March 10th, 2012

Zorak in a Wig

Anime Matsuri 2012

Hey all! Just wondering who's going to Anime Matsuri and if there are plans for a meet up or a lolita panel? A group of us DFW lolitas are taking a road trip down to see the fashion show. I just wish they would post the schedule already so I know what days I should have a BTSSB outfit planned!

So, who's gonna be there? :)

Brand Sizing Questions...

I'm saving up money to buy my first brand lolita OP or JSK, either AP or BTSSB, but I'm worried about the sizing. I'm a tiny lolita, standing at 5ft/152.4 cm tall, US size 00/XXS in dress sizes, with measurements: Bust- 30"/76 cm, Waist - 23.5"/60 cm, and Hips - 32.5"/83 cm.

According to BTSSB online shop, their clothing are "ONE SIZE", a standard size 9.  But I when look at the BTSSB and AP models, Misako and Midori, they look around 5ft 1" or 5ft 2" and probably US size 0, 1 or 2. And plus there is back shirring and ribbon lacing, right? ^ ^

Any petite lolitas wants to share?

Indie Sweet Brands?

Are there any indie brands that do sweet designs? I'm a big fan of AP but I can't always afford it and I'm super on the fence about replicas (thought about it before, but when I had the money to buy AP, I bought AP!). I have some Bodyline, but I'm not super in love with any of those dresses like I love AP! I own one AP dress, but I can't justify spending that much on one dress for a long time.

I've been looking at some indie brands so I can continue expanding my wardrobe, but they seem to be mostly classic and it's definitely not my style. Do any indie brands (etsy, taobao, anywhere!) do sweet prints? I really like pastel prints on black backgrounds and detailed princess-y dresses.

Are there any indie brands like this? ;3;
Rilakkuma Eating Cookie

Want some Coord Help!

Okay. I've been stumped for, like, a week on which shoes to buy to go with my Honey Cake OP in mint (I have the matching socks as well, still hoping to find the elusive headbow). I'm between 4 different shoes on Bodyline, and I'm finally just throwing up my hands and giving in - I'M ASKING FOR HELP.

So, here are the shoes I'm deciding between:

Pair 1
Pair 2
Pair 3
Pair 4

Considering that the socks have the mint x white stripes, does anyone like a particularly shoe over all the rest? Because seriously....I can't decide.
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HELP! Name this JSK

Before I pull all my hair out, help me put a name to this JSK. I know this is a replica of either a VM or MM jsk, but I haven't found it on either Hellolace or Lolibrary. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places. Anyway, I would appreciate any help you can give. Also, what leg wear, knee socks or tights, would you wear with this color combination? Would striped socks be too much?

Thank you all.

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Question about the Japan Angelic Pretty Site!~ Sailor Cutsew

Hello all :D!~

An item has popped up on the online store which I was  going to buy the older version of it but it's looked like they've remade it!Only thing is, on the home page it does say 'Pick up' but in the item description it says nothing of? I'm not quite sure :(

I was going to get a SS for it, but I'm just checking is it available to buy and not to pick up? Thank you EGL!
This is the link to the item ~

( I've never baught anything from the AP website, so sorry for my newbness )

I keep reatreating to the uncute clothes!! HELP!!!

I need some advice!
I've been a lolita for almost a year now but still lack clothing to be able to wear it everyday! I'm orginated from the goth style (with tons and tons of black) but want to be more cute and colourful. Every time I try I do find myself retreating to my baggy oversized "black" pants and baggy rock band t-shirts because I'm just so comfortable in them. I still love black but jsut not the way I used to wear it. But I don't want to dress like that anymore.:(
I take courage and look up style coordiantes but with such little income it's just hopeless:(

Any tipps?? I'm hoping to get a little advice to stop being so down hearted...*sign*
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sizing question and review request

Im thinking about buying these dresses from BL. I want to ask everyone how is the quality and how do you like it??? If you have photos, please show me?
For the second dress, Im tall but my body size is more like the M size. If Im 170cm tall, should I go for M or 2L? Last time I bought 2L, I looked fatter than I actually am, but probably, M would look very short on me...


Hello! I'm just wondering has anyone had any experience with te tenso shopping service?

Also big question about tenso, is there a possible way to cancel a shopping service request ? I just over looked and they do not buy on weekends. :S