March 8th, 2012

New Metamorphose Nurse Series

Those of you who've been around for a while may remember Meta's nurse-themed Hospitality Doll series. They recently announced they were releasing a counterpart to their ill-received Dark Secrets series from 2010, and instead of putting out a remake of the military-themed items, it's pretty much a spot-on replica of the Hospitality Doll series with the addition of some new colorways.

The series is called Engelsbeginn, and it's available in an OP (27 090 yen), blouse (18 690 yen), skirt (17 640 yen), and headdress (3990 yen). The OP comes in the Michael (white x red) and Gabriel (navy x white colorways), while the blouse and skirt set is available in the Uriel (black x white) and Raphael (sax x black) colorways. The headdress is available in all four colors.

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It's supposed to be a special release exclusive to the Nagoya and Kyoto stores, but according to the release update it's possible to mail-order it by calling the stores. I e-mailed the Meta representatives to inquire if overseas lolitas could also place mail-orders for the series, and they told me that those of us outside of Japan could reserve the series via e-mail :) If you're interested, I'd recommend e-mailing them ASAP at their English contact e-mail; as of 27 February (two days after the series' release) both OPs were sold out, and when I contacted them, the headdress was also completely sold out in all colorways. It seems like they weren't messing around when they said it would be produced in extremely limited quantities.

Figured I would share this in case there are any other Meta nurse series fans out there!

And if you're looking for more information on the series:
Original release announcement
Blog entry with worn photos and more details
Update listing items still available (accurate as of 2/27)

Washing an h.NAOTO purse?

EDIT So far, I've scrubbed at this purse, and I've gotten most of the dirt off, and the print is still firmly in place. C: I'm using cold water, a hand knitted cotton washcloth and Mrs. Meyers detergent (It's an all natural detergent that I got from Kroger's, if you live where there are any) and so far, it looks good. No fading or running! 

Wooh, first post to egl and all! I'm Tora, new to wearing lolita, I've done a lot of research, I've been into visual-kei for a while, I'm wearing my first actual lolita coordinate this weekend, and I need help! D:

So I have an h.NAOTO purse, I've had it for a little over half a year, and.. well, it's a little dirty in places.

This is the purse I'm talking about

Is it ok to spot clean it with cold water and a mild detergent, or is h.NAOTO one of those brands that has a print that runs away if you get it wet at all? I'd rather my purse be a little bit dirty than let the print run everywhere. x:
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Lil Mama 2: Electric Boogaloo

My friend Christina found some curious eBay auctions and posted them on Facebook, and I just had to share them here.

For those of us old folks who were around these parts way back in 2008 -- remember that time that rapper and dance show judge Lil Mama decided to strut her stuff in Angelic Pretty?  Her unique take on Lolita involved bra tops and rhinestones, so the end result led to some head scratching and pearl clutching when images were posted here.
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zosan 2

Anyone else having issues with taobao-spree? -solved but its now a customs WTF

UPDATE: apparently customs shipped the package back to them without even telling myself OR Taobao spree!
I sent two emails last week about the tracking number they had given me abot 4 days before not working and still have not heard back.

So I just sent a third one saying i had recieved no reply and my number wasn't working(and that i have not recieved my items yet)....but has anyone else had ossues with contacting/shippments lately? 

I've used them about 4-5 times now and nothing like this has happened before o__O.

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Edit: It seems like people already know about this website and that it's overpriced. Thanks for your replies ^_^
Hi, I found a shop based in the UK that sells lolita clothes
They seem legit, however I haven't ordered anything from them myself. I thought I'd post this here as it isn't listed anywhere else on EGL.

Identifying a Moi-Meme-Moitie bracelet?

I saw this bracelet on the Comm sales a while ago, but unfortunately didn't have the money to buy it. I fell in love with it, however, and I want to keep an eye out for another one when it comes around or be able to track one down more easily.

I'm not sure if MMM names all of their jewelry (I did a search on hello lace and loli library and came up with nothing), but I wanted to know if anyone knew the bracelet's name, product number, etc.

Here's the post:

JetJ Amour d'amants robe sizing q

Apologies if this has been asked already (if you had a nickel for every time someone says that), but I searched and found nothing. Like just about everyone else, I have have fallen in love with JetJ's many dresses featuring paintings. I am now contemplating purchasing Amour d'amants robe (a robe by any other name), but I'm unsure about the sizing. I've already determined that I would not be able to wear size 1, but I have a dilemma with size 2. Here are my issues.

1. I do not typically wear skirts at my 'natural waist,' (blasphemy!) so I don't really know what my natural waist size is. I like my skirts to sit just below my belly button, and I'm about 35" (maybe 34?) there. Where does the dress actually sit? At the natural waist, or lower?
2. I have recently moved halfway across the world (South Korea) and don't have a measuring tape to check my actual measurements. I also don't know where I would find one here, so until I do, I'm kind of stuck as far as measurements go. So can you ladies tell me what is the absolute maximum this dress will go?

I hope that was clear, and you all understand what I'm asking. And ff you have to crush my dream of owning this dress, it's okay. I'll take it like a man. (In other words, I'll cry. [If you're a male reading this, I mean no offense.])