March 7th, 2012

DHL vs EMS for large packages to the US

Hello lovely ladies,

Been saving for months and just placed a massive taobao order (over $700) and trying to decide between DHL and EMS. I live in the US and really don't want to get hit by customs. I also want everything fully insured so I will be claiming the full amount. What shipping do you US lolis recommend for such a large and fully declared order? And if you have been hit by customs before what percentage did they charge?

Answered: I'll use EMS and stop worrying. Thank you for all the great advice ladies! :)

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How Dark?

How dark is the dark pink of these? It would be lovely if anyone could help me with pictures if possible ^^

Also quick question for fellow US residents, which is more likely to get hit with customs EMS or AIR?

Bodyline shoes question


Rain, rain, stay away!

Well, at least for one more day!

So here's the problem! I am hosting a tea party this weekend, for about 10 local ladies. We've all been looking forward to it for weeks! There's been a lot of talk about potential photo opportunities; I am fortunate enough to live next to a small pond with lots of adorable ducks (and it's duckling season)! However, it's supposed to RAIN this weekend.

At the moment, just due to the smallness of my table, we are having our tea in my apartment's "clubhouse"- which is really just a glorified lounge. It is fairly modern, with one wall being made of windows that lead out to the pool area (so we will have a little bit of light, assuming it's not just thundering and pouring outside). I don't really have a lot of flexibility to decorate that area a whole lot or anything. :/

Does anyone have any suggestions for interesting indoor photo ops? We definitely need something a little more special than "Here we are, eating cake." over and over again! XD

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions. (And I would still love more!) I think I'm going to invest in some paper and make a green screen for a homemade "purikura" station. Then we can all photoshop the heck out of ourselves when we get home. ^_^;;

Coord Request

I am hoping my fellow lolitas will be able to help me out - does anyone own the "falling alice" skirt or dress by Emily Temple Cute?? I own the mint skirt version and am planning on wearing it to a friend's alice in wonderland themed wedding, but am coming up with absolutely NOTHING in google and a daily_lolita search. Any pics or coordinates you have with either the dress or skirt would be extremely helpful, I am searching for styling advice and ideas. Thanks in advance!

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Making the Decision About Leaving Lolita

I don't know if this has been brought up before, and if it has, please forgive me, delete, and so forth and so on. :)

I have been toying with the idea of leaving lolita for some time now. I could get a decent amount of cash for the small amount of clothing I possess. I could really use the money for my other collections and hobbies, and perhaps even to use towards upcoming college fees. I've written up the sale posts about two or three times now, going to sell what I have. But then I always seem to stop myself.

I truly do love the fashion. I look at images of it almost daily, and always feel my heart tighten whenever I see a new dress from my favorite companies. I love going to meets and I love the people at them. But sometimes I wonder, is it worth it (for me, personally?). Should I continue this, or is it time to end? I have a history of selling things precious to me and then regretting it later, so this is probably the main cause for my hesitation.

I'm not asking for advice on my personal decision, I'm wondering about your thoughts on the matter!

I was just curious to know if anyone else has ever thought about it before. If so, did you sell everything (or mostly everything?). Did you come back (well, obviously, if you're reading this!)? Did you regret your decision, or maybe did you even regret the thought? How do you know when it's time to really let it go? :o I know its probably something better figured out on one's own, but I'd love to hear group thoughts!

GLB 42 scans over here! ~ 

(I don't know if it's allowed but since there are queue issues @ jmagazinescans comm I thought I might share here - after all it's interesting for all lolitas - if it's not allowed I humbly apologize ^^')

Hi fellow Lolitas! I just finished scanning the Gothic & Lolita Bible 42 and wanted to share with you!

~ Click the cover to get to my blog with my personal picks ~

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