March 4th, 2012


Bodyline shipping?

Is there something up with Bodyline? It's giving me two shipping quotes on their site? When I'm browsing the site it's giving me a shipping of $100 EMS but when I check the shopping cart its giving me a shipping quote of $91. What's up? Which one do I go by? I'm doing a  small GO so I want to make sure I tell the other girls who are ordering the right amount of money they need to give for shipping =\
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Cute Hardside Luggage

I've been looking for cute lolita luggage. I'm interested in hardside (plastic) suitcases, not duffles or large totes. (The example below is from Swimmer).


For those who've purchased Swimmer hardside luggage, how was the quality compared to the price? (Would you still have bought it if you had to pay for international shipping and shopping service fees?)

Everyone else, do you have suggestions on where to get hardside luggage with a cute, colorful print (that is not Hello Kitty or Disney)? I already know about the Heys Fazzino and Exotic series but those aren't quite what I'm looking for.