March 2nd, 2012

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An update for my blog

Hi guys. I think this is rather important for anyone who follows me. So excuse the 'another lolita blog' feel of this post.

Google had deleted my account that was connected to hello teacup. So i wasn't sure what to do so i Just created a second blog with my main hotmail account. So go follow this new one instead of the old one because there is no way that the old one will ever get uppdated ever again.

The tags aren't loading for some weird reason.

Thank you.
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salopettes/miniskirts question

Sorry to post another question, but I was wondering...Do you think it is appropriate to wear a salopette or shorter skirt (around 40 cm) to a Lolita meet-up when everything else (such as accessory, socks, blouse) is Lolita?
I find Ap's shorter skirts and salopettes very cute but I wonder if its good for meetups as well.
thanks a lot if you reply ^^;

Reservation from BTSSB suddenly gone??

Hey guys,

I wanted to order the little red ridding hood set from the baby site. They started taking reservations last friday. The site was down on wednesday until today for maintenance and now the reservation is gone!! ): Do you think if I email them they will let me still reserve? Has anyone had experience with this kind of stuff? I'm just sad because I only really had 3 business days (or 5 days) to decide whether to reserve or not until the site was down. 

Mary Magdalene Dye Transfer

Recently I wore Mary Magdalene's Elodie JSK in strawberry with Victorian Maiden Noble Lace Puff-Sleeve Blouse in ivory. I've worn these together a few times before with no problems, but I wore them a few days ago while it was a little warm out (I live in the desert so it is always warm out) and found that the underarms were stained red!

The washing instructions on the blouse translate to "do not wash" and "this garment can be dry-cleaned using petroleum-based agent" so I took it to the dry cleaners and brought the instructions, but they were unable to get rid of the red stains. I'm not sure what else to do. Oxiclean was recommended, but Oxiclean's website says it is not designed to remove dye transfer stains and I've heard that it is so abrasive that it can ruin and eat through clothing and I especially worry about the lace.

I contacted Mary Magdalene since I'm very disappointed, especially since the Elodie JSK requires a blouse to be worn underneath. They said they weren't sure if there were any places in the USA that could do restoration on items and gave me these two links: Has anyone else had a stain like this they were able to get rid of?

New to lolita fashion, petrified of dry cleaning. Any other options?

I guess this is more of a vent. I am brand spanking new to all of this, yet I feel such a pull to the point that I fell in LOVE with a Metamorphose dress and bought it. But.... I have this fear of dry cleaning. As I hold this lovely, new and fabulous dress in my hands I just imagine, who is going to be the jerk the ruins it?

To put it nicely, people where I live are really not very caring. I have heard only horror stories from my friends when they have any garment dry cleaned. Hence there forth, no one buys stuff that needs to be dry cleaned. My girly little heart sort of forgot about this as I excitedly slammed away on my smartphone and ordered my beautiful rose print pinafore dress. And of course, the one I have needs to be "Dry Clean using only petroleum solvent. Usually used with other restrictions." GRRR! Sooo... Are there any at home steamers that I can use? Are there any other people out there that have this same fear and refuse to dry clean? Rest assured, I certainly won't be walking around in a lovely dress, stinking up the place. That is why you lovelies need to help me create a game plan that works! Pleeease? And thank you! :)

Research Questionaire

Hey everyone,

I'm doing research for a project on international fashion marketing, and I was hoping to garner your opinions and shopping habits concerning some not-quite-lolita brands that are often incorporated into lolita. This should only take a few minutes, and your thoughts on this would really help round out some of the finer points of my research. Thanks in advance for your time!
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Angelic Pretty deco'd Marionette Girl - found the pictures!

I hate to make one of "those" posts, but I'm wondering if anyone has any pictures of the dress that Angelic Pretty used (maybe fore a fashion show?) with embroidered/appliqued card suit appliques. As far as I recall, it was the pink version of Marionette Girl and there were some great close up photos of what they'd done to the card suits...if anyone else knows what I'm talking about, please share as I can't find anything on egl or via google, and I don't think I ever saved them...

And just in case anyone brings this up, I'm not looking for the embellishment that tsu did to her Marionette Girl as I can find that quite easily, I'm looking for what the brand themselves did.