March 1st, 2012


Owning Multiples?

I was wondering something as I browse the comm_sales. I always see people selling something if they already have the same thing.

For like example they have of say Milky Planet in Black but also have it in Yellow and end up selling the Black.

How often do you buy the same OP/JSK/Skirt in the same print but in different colors? And if you do have them in different colors what makes you want to sell it in another color?

I'm also asking this question as I have been eyeing a OP but want it in different colors and just wanted to know if it was common owning the same thing in just different colors :)
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EGL Community Over on Reddit.

Hello there, fellow lolitas!

Over a year ago, another user and I created an EGL community (a subreddit) over on the social media site, Reddit

It's pretty tiny right now, only about 100 users, but we're in the process of trying to make it more active!

That's where you come in! 

If you have a reddit account, or have no idea what reddit is; but it appeals to you, feel free to subscribe to the EGL subreddit.

Our rules are a bit more lenient than the egl community here (nothing wrong with rules!), since we are so tiny and need to get our userbase up, so feel free to ask any and all noobie questions you have concerning lolita, your daily outfits, links to sale posts, etc. It's pretty much lumped the entire lolita community over on LJ into one place!

If you have any worries about if your post is appropriate or not, please PM one of the mods. I'm GrimmDeathberry over there and on Reddit more or less all day.

The community is lightly moderated. I'll make sure that stuff doesn't get stuck in the spam filter, delete any troll comments (lolis are pedos, hurr hurr), and basically just be there to make sure everyone is happy!
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DOL's Vanilla-chan replica question (Pink!)+ pic request


I want to buy one of my dreamprints, Vanilla-chan in pink. Since it's taking too long for the JSK or skirt to appear on mbok in pink, I decided to buy the replica by now.
But then I noticed something, Dream of Lolita only lists the size S and L on their website.
The S size has my exact measurements, and it seems to have shirring, but I'm afraid it may not fit if I am wearint a thick blouse or a thicker bra.
Also, why dream of lolita does not sell it on M size? Is it sold out? The sizes of S size are its maximum measurements? Do you think the shirring could stand 2 or 3 additional centimeters?
Btw it's this JSK:

Oh and also, if by any chance someone got this JSK (the replica) in pink, can I have pictures or a small-review about the print etc? I could find only close ups and review's of Oojia's replica. :/


Hello Kitty knee socks at Target!

Good morning !
There are 4 styles of Hello Kitty socks at Target. I saw them all in person and they are knee socks to fit sizes 9-11 but they do stretch pretty well.

I did not take a picture in store but I did find them on Target's online shop.
There were the pink ones - which I bought, the others may work for other color ranges and are rather unique. I am going back to buy the red ones because they are very cute too.

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Mystery skirt.

So first time posting to egl but I thought this was a worthy enough reason. 

A close friend of mine and I both got into lolita over the summer. At a point near the end of fall, she received a package in the mail containing a random skirt (obviously meant for lolita). She hadn't ordered anything like it from anywhere and had received all of her orders as of that time. 

There was no return address on the package it was sent in and the sizing is much too small for her to wear. We do know however that it was shipped from California. 
Has this ever happened to anyone else? 
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IW's Papillon jsk request

Hello ladies! I was wondering if any of you owned the Papillon jsk by IW? I'm in need of detail shots of the little butterfly appliques. Any color, really, I just need to see the design up close, since the stock photos are very general :S

Thank you in advance! ^^

Here's the design in question:Collapse )
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Brand Introduction: Ick by Industrialkitty!

Side View

After much anticipation, I am thrilled to introduce to you a new independent Lolita brand located in the United States called Ick by Industrialkitty!  I adore supporting people with fresh talent, good worth ethic, excellent customer service, and high quality products. All of these and more describe one of my best friends, Emma Bottari, AKA industrialkitty. (You can view her feedback here.)
If you follow me on Facebook or have read Sherry and Cookies since it was in its former home, I have talked about Emma before! As I explain in the following vlog from last year, her first series of dresses have a beautiful, classic Alice print from which I wore a JSK and half bonnet in the 2011 ACEN Khaotic Kouture Fashion show.

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SurfaceSpell, SurfaceSpell Gothic, FoxCherry, Outside Castle, Elpress L, DollyDelly TAOBAO review!

Well, that was a long title. Pretty much, I bought a heap of stuff before Christmas, and they just got to me now (Chinese New Year celebrations and all.)

Picture heavy. I don't have many pictures of things being worn because it was terrible and humid today, which is not weather for changing and re-changing clothing.

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Lolita in London

Hey ^u^
I have ordered my first lolita clothes form Japan, but the wait is driving me crazy. I was wondering if there are any lolita shops that sell sweet lolita things (I only want pink sweet lolita =P) in London. I don't mind if they aren't great quality, I'll just be getting something to wear before my package arrives.

Thank you ^U^