February 29th, 2012

Korean Lolitas in Korea

Hello everyone!  Long time watcher, first time poster... not really a live journal user so forgive me if posted wrong or anything ^^

I have been living in Seoul, South Korea for some time and wanted to start up a website featuring the cute side of Korea (I have a love for japanese things so its kinda like finding the "Kawaii" in Korea haha)~  You can see the small amount I have posted up at www.cuteinkorea.com  (still building on it, but it is live atm) I am not a lolita myself, but I have a great love for it and buy individual pieces to work into my normal wardrobe. ^^

I have run into just a few lolita's here in Seoul (like, 4 haha)  but I am looking to connect with some online so that I can write a proper article on them!  I would love to talk with someone (or a few if you have time!) about being a lolita here, your meet ups, where you shop, Korean Lolita stores, Korean Lolita Brands, and also display photos on the blog of yours (with credit, I can also edit them pretty!) or if you don't have Nice photos we can meet if you are in Seoul and have some Tea and I'll snap some proper ones! 

Standing out is very difficult in Korea, so on the rare chance that I do see a Lolita it is hard to approach them without it being embarrassing for them or they think I am just being a goofy amused foreigner vs someone who appreciates it. That's why I thought talking to some of you online would be a good solution.

I saw lots of old posts about this on here, but I'm not sure who is active or what stores are still open since things change here a lot!!!  Anyway, thank you so much and I hope to put together a really nice page of information <3

You can contact me here or through my mail at kika@misskika.com

This is the only photo I have managed to snap so far with my sad cell phone at the train station<3 
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Fairy-Angel troubles

Hello, I'm new to buying lolita things from Japanese sites. I signed up for the English Fairy-Angel site and ordered a skirt and a cardigan. However the email I use for actual emailing is not the same as my paypal. The email mentions an invoice number but I can't figure out how to use that to pay them...

So I have no invoice on my Paypal from them and I've already emailed them three times asking for them to send the invoice to that Paypal Email. They haven't responded and I'm worried they'll stop holding the items for me since three days are almost up and I haven't been able to pay. I've never had so much issue trying to throw money at something!

Also is it just me or was the total cheaper (excluding shipping of course) when I added up the cart on the Japanese site than when added up on the English one?

What should I do?

Requesting reviews of DoL Milky Planet skirt

hello everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone who owns the DoL Milky Planet skirt can give me a review of it? I really would like to buy it from Qutieland but the pictures they show on the website aren't that great and i'm a little worried. So if there is anyone who has purchased it/owns it now, if you can just give me a review on it i'd be more than greatful!!!! 

(I'm sorry if this was already posted!!!)
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I've been into the fashion for quite a long while now, but I have yet to actually WEAR lolita! I only own ONE black bustle skirt and a dead petticoat (lol). The top reason that is holding me back is that I just don't know what style speaks to me the most.My interests seem to be sloppy For example, I like Moitie a lot, but I can't help to just go googly-eyed for the simple, cutesy dresses from Baby, who was actually my first love, but I was too scared to wear "sweet"...and then there will be something from Putumayo that's a total "wildcard"...I hope I am making some sense.

This is just short and simple: How does one find "their style" in lolita?  How are you able to build your wardrobe? Are there any tips on how to find a style? I don't care about "brand loyalty", just FYI.

Thank you for your time.

[EDIT] Thank you all for the advice! So sorry I could not respond to all of you (gotta study), I will leave this up for everyone else who was on the same boat as me.

Shoe sizing help?

Hi guys, gosh, I'm starting to feel like a regular here XD

Anyway, onto the issue. I have... big feet. Like, a US size 12 in ladies. And I wouldn't normally be complaining about this, because I have some cute flats that could work with lolita, but I reeeeeallllly want a pair of rocking horse shoes, either the glof/fringe ones or ballet ones, but I've googled, ebay'd, EGL comm sales searched, brand site searched, everything I can think of. But I cannot find a pair of rocking horse shoes in the styles I like in my size D:

Someone else have this problem? What did you do?

Florida Lolitas?

Because a similar post reminded me of this, What happened to the Florida Lolita community!! Did you guys migrate elsewhere or...? 
It seems like no one has posted in ages (Unless I am overlooking something)