February 28th, 2012


Question about Meet Ups

Hey everyone!

I'm not sure if there is some kind of specific format for posting questions on here that I might have missed, but if I did, then please feel free to direct me to the posting guidelines!

I just recently started getting into Lolita. I'm fairly low on funds at the moment, but I managed to purchase a few decent outfits to start off. I'd like to learn more about what the Lolita lifestyle is and meet other lolitas. None of my friends are into, so I feel like I have to pick and choose when I can dress Lolita. It would be nice to meet other awesome ladies and gents I can hang out and be myself with! 

My question is, do any of you know of any Lolita Meet Up groups in NYC? I just joined the NYC Lolita community on here, but haven't really seen much in the way of 'meet ups'.I went on "meet up.com" and there were only 5 groups;none of them being in NY. There is also a group on face book that I applied to , but I'm not sure I will get in as it's by invite only. 

Would be pleased as punch if someone could direct me to a good local group.

Thank you! :0)

Modes fabric? Black piano print.

 I was searching around and had seen this site awhile ago. I'm not sure how I found it but, anyway.  I was looking and found this piano fabric .
I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered from there and what the experiance was like. I'm thinking or buying some of the fabric to make a skirt. Any help would be welcome. Thanks. :)
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Hello all! Just a simple question! :3

SO! After searching waaaaay back on the EGL pages, I saw a post about having a loli version of "wreck this journal". I was thinking... Wouldn't it be fun to do that agian? Just a notebook, and each person gets... eh, four pages. Write whatever you want, draw loli doodles, talk about your style, introduce yourself, add some type of thing on the cover, ect :3

I think it would be cool, thats why I found an extra notebook and started it :D! So if anyone else would like to do this and add to "Frill this Journal" Then PM me and maybe once I get done I could mail it to you, then you mail it to the next person :3

This is just an idea, but it sounds so fun, so all for the efforts of "Frill this Journal" Comment below :D

London Lolitas?

I've tried searching for anyone over there that would know of any good physical stores that has loliable or lolita items? My boyfriend will be going over to visit family and offered to pick things up for me if I find someone with something that i would want. :)

The Lolita in Red: An Aesthetic Theme Post

So, on Saturday, I went out to a meetup with some local Lolis. It was the first meetup in a while, and over that time I'd gotten a new dress. A new dress that prominently featured the color red. So you can imagine my delight when I saw that the aesthetic theme for February was... RED!

(Also, mods, I apologize for the lack of tags, but for some reason they won't show up.)

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