February 25th, 2012

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March Banner Art Contest - Let's Vote!

Can you believe it's almost time for a new EGL banner? February really flew by, didn't it? Luckily we have an assortment of gorgeous works of art for you to choose from, including some new entries and a few of our runners-up from last month's contest. No matter which wins, March is sure to be another beautiful month!

Voting will be open for approximately 48 hours, so get your vote in as soon as possible!

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HELP with crazy egl !

Hi everyone,

Okkk, I'm curently having some problems with egl
and I wanted to know if it's only for me or if some
of you had similar ones.

First one, I used to receive notifications by mail everytime
an entry was posted here but the last one I received was
about the entry of saku_chan_desu, three days ago...

Second one, the date of publication of the entries here are not
in the right order... I have entries of Feb, 25th before entries
of Feb, 24th ! Even better : an entry dated of Feb, 4th AFTER
entries dated of Feb, 23rd...

Third one, I would include screenshots and put this under a cut
if, for an unknown reason, the toolbar hadn't disappeared =='.

Thanks in advance for any help you could bring me (and sorry for my
crappy english that doesn't really help me to explain my problem
and you to understand it >_>;)...
  • lafarat

If there was one thing you could tell yourself...

Let's take a trip into the way-back machine, where regret and stories of stupidity stretch as big as that fish that loudmouth at the bar says he caught. :| Let's go back to when you, as a lolita, were first starting out. Whether you were sporting petticoats while the world was running scared of the Y2K bug, or you just filled your closet 4 weeks ago, everyone's got a moment where they could go back in time and whisper in their own ears with delicate, sweet little words...

Are you insane!? DON'T DO THAT!

Give your past self some advice in this thread. If you had a chance to go back in time and tell your little newbie lolita-self something, what would it be?