February 24th, 2012

Secret Shop Socks

Hi all!

I have a question about secret shop socks. I want some socks that are not listed on their taobao store, but OO Jia, random ebay shops and Clobba have them in stock. I've seen Clobba restock them but they never appear on the Secret Shop taobao store.
Why is that? I wanted so much to buy directly from them... :/

Marking Packages Down Without Buyer's Knowledge or Consent?

I've recently encountered an issue I find somewhat baffling - international sellers from Japan marking my packages down without my consent. I NEVER have my packages marked down because we all know what happens if said package then gets lost - you're only covered the amount that was stated. Also, it's illegal, and although I know many people do it to avoid getting hit by customs (and don't get hauled off to jail by the FBI XD), I just prefer not to. Personal preference, especially because I don't have buttloads of spending money and I need to ensure I'm covered if an item gets lost. I can't afford not to.

The latest markdown on a package I received today had me surprised. A $212 (plus $30 EMS shipping) dress I bought from Mai Ozawa on eBay was marked down to $70 (5100yen in another section, which is even less - $62.90). That's less than half of the actual value. I was really not happy about it. I was never asked if I wanted a mark down, and never informed there would be a mark down. I never thought I would have to specify to sellers that I DIDN'T want them to lie about the value of a package. Thank goodness the package arrived safely and, despite only being packaged in an Angelic Pretty bag, wasn't damaged. I don't have $212 to just throw around - for me, that's a big purchase.

Is this an issue other people have encountered? It's a bit baffling to me - I don't really understand why a seller would mark down a package on his/her own. From now on, should I inform sellers I want the full value marked on my package? Like I said, I never thought I'd have to actually specify that, but...

most reliable eBay replica shops?

I have a  question related to replica buying. I know that taobao, oo jia ,and dol do good quality replicas. I know when it comes to buying dress replicas on eBay it can be a hit-or-miss with many being costume quality with many pictures of dresses ripped off the real brands site, but are there any shops that actually do good quality replicas??? 

We need some help egl

Hello all,

This week I mailed a package of a metamorphose blouse from Washington to Nevada. The blouse left my hands safe and sound but by the time my buyer got the package it looks like some dirty water or something got into the package. I have mailed a ton of packages over the years and nothing like this has ever happened. I have of course heard plenty of horror stories of USPS mistreating packages, but both me and the buyer are both pretty upset about this.

What we really want to know is if anyone has any ideas on how we might get rid of the many stains the blouse now has. I have posted four pictures below the cut.
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