February 22nd, 2012


Specific Bodyline Dress question...

I'm thinking of getting Bodyline's L442, and I have a question about the measurements. My upper arms are 10.5 inches/27 cm around, and when I've tried on a few Bodyline items in the past I haven't been able to get my arm through the sleeves. If anyone owns one of these dresses, could you measure the arm holes at the cuffs and let me know the circumfrence? I would like to know if I'm going to be able to fit before I purchase it.
Thank you!
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Innocent World Oddment Items Lucky Packs A and B

UPDATE: The LP are now sold out

Oddment Items Lucky Pack A ¥52,500
Oddment Items Lucky Pack B¥84,000
"Lucky Pack with oddment items and B-grade items, available only at our overseas sales.
This time you can choose Pack A (52,500 yen) or Pack B (84,000 yen). You can save up big, because these packs including clothes and accessories are each worthy 250,000 yen and 400,000 yen"

FYI: Here are examples of the IW Fall Oddments LP A & B: http://luckypacks.livejournal.com/11149.html#cutid1

Shoe and Boot sale at AntP and BTSSB


For some odd reason they never list the sale shoes and boots in the same section the rest of the sale items are posted:
http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/2012-online-winter-sale.html  (that sale section now says it is ending Friday 02/24 (that would be Thursday in USA))

Also, if you on a spree for the sale, make sure you don't order more than 8 items total at one time, or they may cancel your whole order and by the time you get that cancel notice, things you want have sold out :( .

Antaina shoes

Hello everyone,

I recently saw this post : http://egl.livejournal.com/17987707.html

Which says that if you contact certain email (yoyo.0510@hotmail.com), then you can order shoes from Antaina directly, rather than using a shopping service. Basically, my questions are, has anyone already ordered from Antaina like that? If so, did you still need to set up a taobao account and everything? (Sorry if this sounds a bit silly).

Also, I wanted to know if anyone has any tips on Antaina tea party shoes measuring, like, if say my foot is a 23.5cm, would it be best to get a little bigger to fit properly because of the way the shoes are made?

Thanks for your help!



My Lolita outfit

Hello Ladies! :)

I just wanted to share this picture of my in my Lolita outfit that I ordered for this year's Carnaval!
I am really happy with it! This was the first lolita outfit I ordered and now I'm addicted, hihi... :)
At the party I wore the wig loose, but as I had to go there by bike I braided it so the wind wouldn't mess it up.

OP: Bodyline
Pannier: JOYBANK
Socks: Bodyline
Cardigan: Old Navy
Wig: Bodyline
Headbow: Emily
Shoes: Graceland
Earrings, ring, bracelets and handbag: off brand

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Dress classic lolita?

Hi, I`m gothic lolita but now I trying classic lolita
I have a question and would like to have your point of view and advices

Could the dress in the photo be classic lolita ?

Thank you :)
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