February 21st, 2012

  • lafarat

I've lost my sheep-NO WAIT! Found them! (Solved)

I'm going to feel really, REALLY stupid for this, because I've seen it here hundreds of times, but I can't find pictures of a blasted bag. It's in the shape of a lamb, made to pair with the Sheep Garden print (I think), and I need photos to replicate it now that Easter is coming out and I bought a little lamb plush to retrofit. After running through Hellolace, Lolibrary, and punching in 'Sheep', 'Ram', 'Lamb', and 'ewe' into the EGL search engine though, I've come up with nothing. I'm really, REALLY eager to get started on this bag, but I can't if I have nothing to go on outside of a print close-up. That just doesn't quite cut it.

So rufflebutts, I'm Bo Peep. Where is my sheep (bag)? Pictures appreciated, links even more appreciated. If I just had the name of the silly thing, I could do the rest of the work myself. ;A; Someone help!

Edit: ...Lamb-Chan. REALLY. UGH. Head, meet desk.
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