February 20th, 2012

problem with getting quality shoes

Hi girls,

I bought some boots at bodyline last November. I wear them alot, but now there are allready some cracks in it. I think they are made of synthetic leather. So I was wondering if there are any brand or maybe offbrand shoes that have some better quality. I really like the boots and clothes they have at the aatp webshop, but it appears they only sell shoes in synthetic leather. I bought a while ago some calf leather boots at custom house but they fit so weird, I have alot of extra space when I wear them.

Does anyone know where or how to get some nice quality boots that last longer than 3 months? I'm into gothic lolita and pirate lolita style, so just a pair of nice black boots will do fine.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
Jake <3

(Answered, thank you!) Does anyone own these granny boots by Pleaser?

Do any of you own these in mid calf height:

Or these in ankle height:

Any color. If so, may I see a worn pic with Lolita? There don't seem to be ANY pics of these worn, not even by models, it's just the empty shoe. :( I'm trying so see which one, if either, would be the most flattering in Lolita. Thanks for any help or advice you've got!


Do you know Chocolaticas shoes?

Hot Chocolate Desing is a Venezuelan shop (Spanish Site) with unique designs of shoes, wallets, handbags, clutch and other things .. They have a good time at the Venezuelan designer move and stood out at first by their different designs in each of the shoes
In december took out a line called Double Chocolaticas Topping..
These in particular are one of my favorites, inspired by the life of   Marie Antoinette

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To London lolitas: Angel pretty

Hi, I have a question for london/english lolitas, or people that have visited the replica stores in Camden Lock village. Is Angel pretty a store or also a brand? I heard they mainly sell kstar things and such. What is their collection like, do they also sell small accessory like headdresses/jewelry? thanks in advance if you reply.
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How to sew a bear, kitty or bunny head plush bag?

Hello Egl community ^^,
this time i want your help for finding a simple tutorial about to sew a cute animal (kitty, bear, bunny, whatever) head only plush bag with also the sewing pattern if possible. The bags i meant are more or less like these:


I saw a tutorial how to do a bag out of a bunny plush but i didn't mean this. I want to make a bag from scrap because i'd like make an original design :D. And also i'd like to know if i could find some good plush fabric in a cheap price plus also not so expensive shipping (i'm from Italy btw) since i don't know if could find some good plush fabric in my local stores.

IW Shoe Question

I am in love with this pair of IW shoes and I'm a little worried about my size. To make this easy I'll give you my size in a very popular shoe, Converse US women size 7, and hopefuly someone will tell me what size I should get in the IW pair.

Thank you for your help! =)