February 19th, 2012

Lolified PCs

So I've decided my black HAF needs a feminine makeover, and I was wondering if anyone else has lolied up their PC's, components or whatever bits of technology? Also if you have any ideas for me regarding my project that would be awesome!
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Searching for Lolita friends!

If you are in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, Watsonville, or other central coast area, please feel free to contact me so we can have a meet up in March!

PM me on LJ.
Email me at: lookingforlolitas@yahoo.com

--- UPDATE: 2/20 ---
There is a free event on Friday, March 09, 2012, 10am - 5pm, at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. You can see the event here, and the map is here. If you want to attend this event as a group please email or pm me, so I can arrange an official time to meet at the center that works with everyone.

--- Update: 3/4 ---
I understand that some people have school and things, and due to this I am officially setting the time of the meetup at 1pm. (PM me if you need to!)

:) Thanks!

ordering from bodyline.

I ordered a pair of black ballerina RHS over 4 weeks ago but still have not received them :/ I tried to message them but never got a response back so I tried again and still nothing.... I'm beginning to worry very much. Has anyone else had these problems and how long did it take to ship them?
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giveaway on my blog~

Hi everybody! I'm hosting a giveaway on my brand new blog and I would love it if you checked it out. All you have to do is click the image above and write me a comment with a link to your favourite blog. That's it! I hope you like and enter my little giveaway, and maybe follow my brand-new blog as well. Thank you!

(posted with permission from wonderfinch)
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