February 18th, 2012

How did you figure out your custom measurements for Taobao? How did you estimate skirt length, ect?

Hello lolis, long time lurker first time poster here.

How have you done your measurements in the past when doing a custom order from Taobao? How did you calculate the needed length of the dress, skirt, and shirts? Any 5’5” lolis here who might share the measurements for the length of their skirts/dresses?

I’m about to place my first massive taobao order (been saving for months) with Taobaospree. Ms. Zeng emailed me that she would need my measurements, more specifically “sleeve length, length of the dress (from shoulder to the end or from waist to the end),and the length of the shirt.”

The thing is, I don’t own any Lolita clothes, so I am rather unsure of where exactly the skirt should fall and have no skirts to measure. I realize if the skirt is too short it is a major faux pas, and if it is too long it won't fit right with the petticoat, so I am scared of doing this wrong.

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Brand Inspired Accessories

Hey everyone!
I've caught the creative bug and decided to start making handmade lolita accessories. One thing I've noticed over the years from past questions and comments was that brand isn't known for making too many accessories for their dresses. It's made coordinating pretty difficult for some lolitas, especially newer lolitas. Even if brand did make accessories it would cost a very shiny penny when the dress was already expensive enough!

So my question for everyone here is if affordable handmade brand inspired accessories were available, how many of you would you be interested?

What kinds of accessories would you be looking for? (Rings, necklace, hair clips,etc.)
Any specific print related accessories?
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Issues ordering from Qutieland?

Has anyone else had issues placing an order with Qutieland recently? I placed an order 2 weeks ago, and still haven't gotten my order confirmation/invoice. I even emailed them a week ago just to confirm with them that they actually got my order, and I received no relpy. Are the emails/orders behind because of the Chinese New Year? Or what is going on?

Question about Innocent World boots sizing

I just found these adorable IW boots in an online shop, but I'm not sure about the sizing, so I thought I'd ask here if someone who owns these boots could help me out. They are a size S, which is called "23,5 cm". This is more or less my foot length, so they could fit, as long as this is the true insole length, or better the recommended foot length for this size.

Does anyone own these boots in size S or M and could measure the insole length for me, please? Thanks a lot in advance!