February 17th, 2012

How To Be A Lolita!

I'm writing an essay for my English class on how to be a Lolita. My teacher already knows what Lolita is from my previous work in class, and it should be humorous. I need some funny ideas for this, and I figured if anyone had them, it'd be you guys! Any ideas! If it isn't school appropriate I can't use it, but feel free to post whatever you want for laughs. I'll post the first draft for you guys to see if it comes out well, and see if there's anything else you guys want added. :D

Don't take this too seriously, since it's really just meant to be funny. <3
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handy dandy lolita sewing

Hey my lovely ladies (and gentle men) It's Gabs. I was browsing around for some sewing tutorials seeing that I have a bunch of cosplay orders for the next upcoming con. As I poked around I happened upon these handy tutorials, some that I already use. Hope you enjoy.
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