February 16th, 2012


Chantilly on auctions...?

Hi ladies! 

I'm going crazy for Chantilly, I've found the website and the webshop, but I was wondering what is the search term for this brand on auctions like mbok and yahoo!jp. 
On frozen-yjapan there's not the search term for Chantilly...

Another side question would be: is there any chance to find their dress on auctions? I tried 'Chantilly' and only found glasses XD 

Thank you in advance ;)

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Puppet Circus: Oo Jia replica vs. the real deal.

My long-awaited Puppet Circus OP replica made by Oo Jia finally came this week, and naturally I wanted to write a review of it: it can be found in my blog. I have an authentic Puppet Circus skirt as well so I could make some detailed comparisons between the two, and I hope the photos and my experience can be of some use to those who are considering possibly commissioning one. 

I don't wish to start any arguments over whether replicas are acceptable or not, and I very much hope this entry won't turn into that. This review is solely meant for informing people of the quality level of the replica, hence the comparisons. 

Lolita Inspiration

hello everyone ^^

I recently started a tumblr-blog to collect Lolita images and fashion images that have something of the Lolita aesthetic. I called it "Lolita Inspiration" and you can find it here ^^ The point of it is to have a nice mix of Asian alternative fashion and haute couture / editorial / street fashion all in one place, because in my photography I really like to go in the direction where Lolita fashion pictures have the same "flow" as the images you see in mainstream magazines. I think the fashion is beautiful enough to deserve that ^^

So anyway, I'd be happy to find more essential Lolita blogs to watch, as well as recommendations for pictures you'd like me reblog - of course your own are very welcome. ^^

I hope this was okay to post! ^__^

xx RMS
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new community!

lolibrandchina is a community dedicated to the lesser-known, not-really-brand-but-still-kinda-brand Chinese shops. This is NOT a community for Japanese brand-names, such as BTSSB or AP, or even BodyLine.

Feel free to sell, buy, or trade your items here! Also, questions, such as general sizing and quality are welcome! :3

Have a question about a brand's rep but don't want to ask EGL? Then this is the place! :D