February 15th, 2012

  • usaku

Question about Taobao Color Translations

I'm surfing Taobao using Google Chrome's on-board translate feature (hardly the most accurate, I know). Mostly I can find what I'm looking for, but I'm confused by the color translations. For example, this 69th Department Blouse.

The colors translate as:

"Generate" | "White Dark" | Blue | Black | White

I've seen "Generate" on a lot of blouses and I can't figure out to what color it refers. I'm looking for brown and possibly wine colored blouses. With "White Dark," I'm curious if any of you can confirm if that is ivory or off-white?

Thanks in advance!
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  • lafarat

Perfect Finds in Odd Places

I'm sure that, deep down, even the most financially well-off lolita loves a good deal, or surprise finds in strange places. Amid the aisles of a church-run shop, garage sales, Dollar Tree, or a Goodwill that lacks that comfortingly musty smell of the conventional thrift store, there's deals and wonderful discoveries to be had, provided you know what to look for.

Come show me what you've found! :D Pictures encouraged!

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looking for worn photos of two jsks

hi everyone. as tax refunds come in i am currently going through items i have saved to buy when i have money. as i have gone through the many pages i am a bit iffy on two dresses. i can't really get a good idea from the stock photos and was wondering if any of you guys have pictures of these jsks worn. thank you :)