February 14th, 2012


Country Living: Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party

I subscribe to Country Living magazine (Don't laugh! It's pretty good =P) and in this month's issue, they have an article about hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for Valentine's Day! It was so cute that I wanted to share it with all of you, even if it's a little last minute to actually host it ON Valentine's Day this year. That's one benefit of Lolita, though - you can celebrate pink, hearts, tea, and Alice any day of the year! Here's a link to the article on their website:


There are some cute craft and decoration ideas, and even a couple of recipes. Enjoy!
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Sale updates

http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/2012-online-winter-sale.html  Lots of new items just added to the sale!
Still a few styles of Lucky Packs left from the last round of restocks (Updated Tip: look for the blue box on the details page for in-stock status. The red box means sold out)
http://www.angelicpretty-usa.com/shopping/  More items in the sale sections
http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/sale.php?ssid=  Price cuts on the sale items that are left (Tip: you need to click to the right of the text for the category, not on the actual text, for the links to work)
http://closetchild.ocnk.net/ 20% to 50%
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Hi guys,
Lately, we've noticed a huge influx of posts about the documentary "Are All Men Pedophiles?" which featured a lolita in its poster.

Due to the redundancy of the majority of the posts, we'd have to ask that you refrain from making further posts about this film. We understand that many people are upset and hurt by the use of a lolita in the poster and the circumstances under which the promotional photos for the film were taken; however, by continuing to post about the film and discuss it, you're simply giving its makers free publicity- which we're sure no one wants.

As a result, please be aware that any future posts about this film or its poster will be deleted unless they have been pre-approved by a moderator.

If you still wish to discuss the film or its poster, please do so on these existing posts:
Discussion of the film and its use of a lolita in its poster
A petition against the movie
Another discussion of a petition against the film
The makers react to lolita's opinion of the poster

Thanks for your understanding!

Angelic Pretty question

I was hoping one of you lovely people might be able to help me with this. I'm looking for the name/pictures of a specific Angelic Pretty headband. It was hard plastic, translucent, and glittery, with stars at the side of it. I don't know what it was made to match, or what colors it came in, only that I've seen it before. A search for it on google didn't offer much help, unfortunately. 

If anyone has any ideas, they'd be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Edit: Found, thank you! 
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US Customs Delay Time?

[edit 2/21/12] My clothes arrived! They were stuck in customs for 5 days but were not opened in any way. [/edit]

I ordered some clothes from Taiwan (value: ~$100) and they were shipped by EMS. (EMS delivery from Taiwan to US is supposed to be 4-5 days). Tracking says that they arrived in LA on the 10th and have been stuck in customs since then. So to anyone who has had packages stuck in US customs, how long did you have to wait? I searched the Internet some but mostly people who had packages stuck were doing things like...buying $500 handbags or computer parts, marking down the value of items, or shipping vaguely illegal things.

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