February 13th, 2012

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Opinions about short hair in lolita?

      at least two or three months ago, i got my hair cut short. i hated it, but that's another story. basically, i need to know how we feel about short hair in lolita. it's grown out considerably since then, but i still don't feel confident enough, especially since my favorite style is sweet. i feel like i could only pull off kodona, and i don't want to because i prefer looking feminine...

  i know i can use wigs and there are ways i could style it - hairbows and decor, bonnets, etc. there's already been a topic on that, but i'm not interested in it. i just want to know how most lolitas feel about short hair in general.

  if it's too similar, feel free to delete this.

  it's just a matter of self-confidence, i guess - i really don't want to be made fun of. :c

Subculture or fashion?

Reading the post about the new pedophile-documentary, I came across a response that stated that we shouldn´t be offended, since it´s "Just clothes" and we´re not a real "subculture" to be offended on the behalf of... Something along those lines.

But is lolita a subculture? or is it really "Just clothes"? What do you think?

I´d say we are a subculture. A lot of us, whether we think lolita is "just clothes" or not, are in lolita because we share a certain kind of aesthetic. We have some things "lolitas do", like going to tea parties or picnics. We read lolita blogs and EGL (obviously). 

If you change all these words to things that has to do with, say, goths, wouldn´t we define as a subculture as well? Not all goths go to clubs, afterall, or decorate their room with skulls. Just like not all lolitas enjoy picnics or decorating their room with frills.

EDIT: People seem to think this discussion has something to do with the pedophile-documentary! IT DOESN´T! Just wanted to tell you what made me consider the question.

Sweet Accessories

I was wondering if anyone had a link to a list of shops that sell cute sweet accessories. I have found some cute shops on etsy, but was hoping to find pieces like those adorable dangling stars! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Do you have any information about Mukunoki-jp shopping service?

Hello. I have been using Mukunoki shopping service for years and he retired of the bussiness a month a go, or so...

I'm really worried becouse he doesn't answers emails and he retired just a few days after he got a dress for me. I need him to send it to me but is impossible to contact him.

Is someone in the same situation like me?. Someone has had contact with him?. Any information is very appreciated.

Sorry about my english! ^^;

Lolita Poster, The reaction of the makers!

Hi, I sended a mail yesterday to the makers of this movie concerning the Lolita poster.
I wrote to them in Dutch. I did not say to remove the poster, I just said that I want to inform them about lolita fashion.


Well, this is the mail I got back from them:

"The documentary does not offend Lolita nor does it compare it to pedophilia. Wild assumptions about what pedophilia is or isn't is why the documentary was made in the first place.

The reason why we choose Lolita is because in the film we do a section about Japanese culture.

If you are in New York in march we can gladly invite you to the World Premiere on the 3rd of March.


So I hope this clears things up, or makes it worse.

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Circle Lenses for Sensitive Eyes?

I have a lacrimal gland dysfunction, which is a fancy way to say my tear ducts are crappy and I have pretty dry, sensitive eyes. I generally wear glasses, but I recently got over my INSANE FEAR of *le gasp* touching my eyeballs and putting contacts in. I now have a prescription to wear Acuvue moist daily contacts in addition to my glasses.

However, I must say I love love LOVE circle lenses, and would like to occasionally wear them with lolita. I'm talking wearing them maybe 5-6 times per year - not very often, since I doubt they're as comfortable as my Acuvue contacts. I know some people say they're not safe, but it seems like there are a few brands that are generally considered to be okay. However, my question is, are any of these brands ideal for dry eyes like mine? If so, how many hours can they usually be worn? Or am I probably outta luck?

And if you absolutely hate circle lenses and think they're totally unsafe, feel free to let me know!

Edit: I found a brand that has a 55% water content, called FreshKon. Anyone ever use their lenses?
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Dressing up your family

Have you ever had any of your non-lolita family ask to be dressed up? Weather it be just for fun or to fit a theme for a party or work?

My mom's work is having a "Princes and Princesses" theme for Valentines day tomorrow, so she called me up to ask "if [I] have anything" for her to wear...which is silly because I obviously do, she's seen me in almost every dress I own.

Anyways, at first I was kind of not too excited because we both work at the same place, just at different store locations in the meat department, but she says she wouldnt be doing any of the gross stuff, so now I am excited! I get to dress my own mother up in lolita and I am getting full controll of her outfit for the day! I cant wait to see her all dressed up! I wonder what her reaction will be when I'm done?!

Anywho, I figured it would be fun to share stories of family (and even friends) getting a lolita makeover. Have any pictures to share? What did they think about the end result?
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Outfit coordination advice?

This is my first time posting here, so I'm hoping to get some really helpful feedback on this.

I'm essentially a first-time lolita, just starting to get in to the fashion/culture and am struggling to piece together what will be my first complete outfit, I suppose you could call it.  A friend directed me to a trustworthy site, since I can't really afford the big name brands right now, and fell in love with this dress:


Problem is, from there, I'm not entirely sure of what might look good accessory-wise, and was hoping for some pointers.  Any help at all would be really appreciated, especially since I'm just starting to get a feel for all of this.

Thank you!
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Coquettish Tiara & Japonica Review: Positive

Hey everyone, I hope no one minds another review post ~

This time I’ll be looking at Coquettish Tiara. I stumbled on the online shop some time ago and I do recommend checking them out if you haven’t already. They have a really wonderful selection of handbags that would work very nicely with Lolita and other fashions, which is awesome, because I always have the worst time when it comes to finding handbags and shoes to go with an outfit.

I hadn’t seen too many people reviewing the shop, and all of the feedback that I found about them seemed relatively positive. They were having a sale [ I believe it’s still on going ], and since they had a bag that would work for what I needed, I decided to give them a try and share my experience with them here.

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I think Bodyline sent me the wrong color. Help?

So I ordered this shoe in sax. The shoes arrived today, and I swear they are mint. This particular shoe comes in mint and sax, so I think Bodyline sent me the wrong color. There is a shot of the shoe against my sax clothing for comparison under the cut.

What I'm wondering is:
  1. Does this shoe look mint? I think it's mint, and I ordered sax.
  2. If it is the wrong color, do you think it's worth contacting Bodyline over? Has anyone had any luck returning/exchanging items?

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Question about a floral hair piece

There is a hairband that I believe is by Baby (not really sure though). It has fake flowers across the hairband part and I think it was ivory (again not really sure). Does anyone have a picture of that hairband? I'm trying to make a similar hair piece so I'd like a reference to work from.