February 8th, 2012

Bodyline shoe sizes, once and for all!

I´ve heard a lot of differing opinions about bodylines shoe sizes. Actually, I think I´ve heard all possible variants now xD that they run a bit small, that they run a bit big, and that they fit exactly what they´re supposed to.

I ordered bodyline shoes once before, where I followed the idea that they run a bit big! I ordered half a size below my usual, and they were painfully small! Now, what am I supposed to do? what can I trust? I´m considering ordering a pair of platforms and a pair of rocking horses.



Questions about Lolita Jewelry!

So lately (due to me having some jobless free time after a recent move) I've been playing around with making jewelry, partially for my own entertainment as well as freebies for some prize buckets I'll be making for some upcoming conventions. However, I'm enjoying it a lot and am toying with the idea of selling some of my wares in the future. I happen to live in a great location for bead stores, so I figured I might as well put that to good use!

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Thanks in advance for any input you can offer!