February 6th, 2012


2nd hand shops in Tokyo area?

Are there any existing store-fronts for 2nd hand lolita shops in the Tokyo area aside from Closet Child and Mandarake (although I find Mandarake's selection limited and overpriced every time I've been)?

I've heard of and been to a couple of others during my prior visits, but doing a search on the community for more info just notified me that the last of the ones I knew of closed down their physical store since I've last been there.  Have any new ones opened up?  And are there any "normal" 2nd hand stores that also have a decent enough selection of lolita to be worth checking out?

I'm also curious if anyone knows if Grand Bazaar (those who frequent Y!J should know what seller I'm referring to) has a physical store front.  The banner they use on Y!J seems to indicate that that's likely, however, my attempts at finding more information have turned up nothing and I've been curious for a while now.  If they do have a physical store, does anyone know its whereabouts?
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AatP's Midsummer's Print

Hi all~
I'm still working on exactly what i want for my first tattoo, and I'm considering working in the print from The Dream In a Midsummer's Night from Alice and the Pirates. Problem is, I can't find any really good photos of the print! Black is my favorite colorway, but I think the red roses from the ivory colorway may look better. It'd be great if anyone could help me out and had or could take pictures of the print, especially the rose windows <3
Thank you!

also...i know there's some older "what lolita related tattoos do you have?" posts, but why don't we make a new one!? i love seeing them, and it's a great way to show them off here :D

Does anyone know if the LJ loli_mentor comm is still running?

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Hi guys, as I was browsing the other Lolita comunities, I saw one called loli_mentors. I was like "OMG YES!" I was literally jumping for joy, someone to help me with cords, talk to about bad reactions, be my loli friend! As a newbie, it was really helpful.

But, as I looked the last post was from Feb, 2011. Does anyone know if this comm is still active?

And if its not, will someone mentor me? <3
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Cute cutsews at Tokyo Fashion

If you haven't heard of it before, Tokyo Fashion/Mayuki is a popular Taiwanese brand.

Most of their stuff is either office-lady-ish or just generic cute Taiwanese style, but they have some cutsews that I think would look nice under a JSK, like this and this or this. Also some blouses, like this.

I have some clothes by them that I bought when I was in Taiwan, and the quality is pretty good.

I'm planning on ordering from them soon (once I figure out what else to order to get up to their international minimum of 15 pieces, and if I do I'll let you all know how it goes :)

Their main page is here but it's a bit crash-prone and the stock isn't always accurate. They have international ordering instructions here. You have to create an account with them (even though international orders are by email) - instructions on how to do that can be found here.

You can estimate shipping using the Taiwan Post page (should work okay with Google translate).

Apparently YesStyle carries their stuff, but it's at some ridiculous markup. I can't find this turtleneck in the TF store right now, but similar styles are about 350 NT or less (~$12).