February 4th, 2012

Lolita Kingdom shoes Personal experiences?

Hey, i'll be ordering my first batch of lolita shoes next week, and i've stumbled upon lolita kingdom on taobao. And i'm totally smitten with 2 pairs of shoes.

Being a total paranoid parrot that i am, im very iffy about ordering things.
So i would love to know if anyone had ordered from them, and peoples personal experiences.
How was the shipping?
Are the shoes true to the sizing?
How were the quality?
Are they comfy?
Also, i'd love to know anyones experiences with TAOBAOSPREE.
This is my chosen shopping agent :)
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Jake <3

Got em, thanks! Worn pics of OPs with blouses?

I usually see JSKs with blouses and OPs on their own, and not usually with a blouse (or if I do, the model's ten lbs of accessories and wig prevent me from getting a good look at the sleeves) and I can't find anything about it on egl. I usually prefer long sleeves, and was thinking of selling all my OPs, but perhaps you can help give them one more chance! Do you have pics of nice coords with a blouse under an OP?
Edit: Short sleeved OPs like Honey Cake and Holy Night Story, not OPs like Queens Coach with built in long sleeves.
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Does this dress look trustworthy ?

Alright so I'm buying my very first lolita dress, and I'm under the age to get a job so it's a little hard for me to get money for lolita. So therefore I decided to buy from F+F since they are cheaper. I have read a lot of reviews too. I decided I like this dress most : http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-2154/Classical-Lolita-Pintuck-Tiered/Detail And just wanted to know if any of you experienced lolitas out there had an opinon on it/ if it looks safe to buy ? Thanks ! Plus, does anyone know how much shipping will be apx. ? I live in southern United States. :D
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Taobao spree shipping prices?

I'm looking at purchasing this dress from HMHM

I was going to go through Taobao spree but when I put the item into their EMS calculator for shipping to Canada (I estimated that it would weigh 3 kg) it came up as 64.16 for the total price!!!
Is that right? It seems like a lot of money to ship one dress, and it's not even including the service fees from taobao spree. Someone please tell me I'm doing something wrong, because I can't justify paying almost as much for shipping as I did for the dress itself.
Also, is 3 kg a good estimate? I've got absolutely no clue, so I just googled the average weight of a dress and went from there.

cute rain boots lolita coordinations?

I've a question I'm looking for good coordinations pictures of lolitas with rain boots.
I bought a pair of rain boots(pastel blue with pastel pink) but I have no idea how to coordinate them with my lolita outfits.
I already tryed egl custem search and google and deviantart and yahoo and daily_lolita lj.
I hope you can help me,thanks in advance.

p.s sorry for my bad english.

Would this work?

this may seem like a very silly question...
anyways, I've yet to buy any lolita stuff and probably won't be able to for a while, 
I got this skirt today and I love it, it's very poofy and the colors are great :D
I got it at Target! :O
do you guys think this could work with lolita? and what style (i am thinking most likely sweet)
I know it's not any lolita brand, but I really like this skirt and if I could invest in some shoes, a blouse and accesories, I would have my first coord! :D
let me know what you guys think :D

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(no subject)

Has anyone here purchased items from BEVERLY - either beverly-style.jugem.jp or beverlyjane.jugem.jp?

I've been in the process of placing an order with them and I'm a little confused as to how to pay for my order.  As far as I can tell, they want me to just send the card information of my VISA through email?  I'm not great at Japanese, so I'm having a hard time understanding. 

If anyone who's gone through this process before (or even people who have ordered from similar online stores via email) clarify what I'm supposed to do?  I'd appreciate it so much~