February 3rd, 2012

A Few Friendly Reminders :)

The poll for our policy on LJ-cuts can be found here. Please vote in the poll before Sunday- at that time, we'll be closing it and adjusting the rules to match the winning option, so you only have a little more time to make your opinion heard :)

We have a few more friendly reminders for all users of the sales community, so please head over there to read them~

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And as always, thanks for continuing to use and support EGL and its sister communities!
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Accessory Finds

Hola ladies!
I know I just did a huge list of cute affordable accessories from Forever21the other day so I promise I'll keep it short and sweet (plus that I'm about to go out) I stumbled over some very cool finds on the Claire's website, I haven't looked through all of it but the Tween's clearance section is a great start

Clarie's Tween's Clearance section

Fav item:
Deer earrings there's a matching bracelet, necklace, and ring that I also noticed, so cute!
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Hair colours in lolita???

Alright, so this is my first post to egl so I'm sorry if I do anything wrong! I, uh, can't quite grasp the concept of a fake cut yet so I'll leave it all as text right now. My hair [as can be seen in my icon, but not too well] is kind of a green-ish blue colour. My first coord is mostly sax, pink and white, so I was wondering, do I need to get a wig? Does my hair colour have to fit with my coord or will it look really strange? 

Gloomth in the Convergence 18 Fashion Show

Ever wanted to see Gloomth clothing before you buy? Now you can! Gloomth is the third designer for the C18 Fashion Show in Buffalo NY. Our fashion show coordinator, Amy O'Connor, is looking for models in sizes xs to m. I figured I'd ask here as Gloomth has several loli-able items and I'm not sure if they are providing panniers/petticoats and bloomers and I'm sure any lolitas attending C18 would be! We're still looking for accessory designers to compliment the outfits. I've been contacted by a lolita about running a lolita fashion panel, which is awesome as we have only one panel planned so far. More info at http://www.altgothic.com/c18buf/. Our fb fan page gets updated faster than the webpage as I hate doing html code.

Fun Games Activities ~


My First meet up is next Saturday and I'm the Hostess!

What kind of fun games do you do at your meet ups hosts?

psst btw few more hours to confirm for meet up for Panhandle Lolita's~ https://www.facebook.com/events/316139571757867/
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Sodapop_Wolves Wardrobe Post

I was going to post this on time... but then I took an arrow to the knee

After taking pictures for hours over the last month or so I figured it would be kind of silly to just not post it at all. I've been into lolita since about 2006-2007, but I've only been buying brand for the last year or so. My wardrobe is kind of in a transition mode from all off brand to mostly brand and some Kidsyoyo. It's a work in progress lol.

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