February 1st, 2012

Newish Lolita with some questions!

I'm new to this community and am still gathering up my courage to dress in Lolita on more than just a rare occasion, but I absolutely love the fashion and am working to expand my wardrobe.  During Innocent World's recent sale, I took the plunge and bought my very first JSK and blouse.  I received them yesterday, and have a few questions for all of you more seasoned Lolitas.

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February Updates

This month's banner artwork is by ruban_rose, whose username I spelled wrong on the poll. I'm so sorry! This time I made sure to get it right. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

Thank you to all the artists who submitted entries to the banner contest! You made it a truly exciting and inspiring competition. :)

The General Theme for February is Twinning
In a style where it's so easy to own the same dress as a friend, "twinning" in lolita is not a fashion faux pas, but a long-standing tradition that can produce visually stunning results! Have you twinned with a friend? We want to see double this month, so show us something that makes February twice as nice!

The Aesthetic Theme for February is Red
The season of love is upon us, and in its honor we celebrate the color of love! Red is for passion, rose petals, and deep, luxurious red velvets. Be still, my heart! Show us your coordinates, because we're hopelessly in love with red.

I also want to give a personal, heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a wardrobe post and was able to comply with EGL's 500 pixel width limit for images outside of LJ cuts. We had a very successful month with an unprecedented number of members participating in the theme, with relatively few mistakes that "broke" the community layout. Thank you again!

Shit People Say to Lolitas 2

I just finished another Shit People Say to Lolitas
Check out the first one here http://youtu.be/rYBWGwQpQic

I'm also finishing up a Shit Lolitas Say 2, keep an eye out for it! 
If you decide to post this on tumblr please use my tumblr as a source 

Please let me know any ideas for future videos. 

Deciding what to sell?

So here's a question for those who sell their clothes- what goes into your decision to do so? How do you choose which items stay and which go? If a new item is released you absolutely adore do you sift through your current closet and choose something to go even if you still like your old item? Or do you only sell your clothes for absolute emergencies? Or only when you genuinely don't wear them anymore? I'm curious how many Lolitas have sold off a majority of their closet in order to fund a new style, either a new Lolita substyle or new style of clothing altogether, or how many have sold off all their cheaper purchases to replace them with only brand.

I'm curious to read others' experiences and opinions! :) Especially from the recent onslaught of beautiful closets from January I'm going through and picking and choosing from my own wardrobe now for what really needs to stay and go and I have to say, I'm running into conflicts.
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hmhm quality still bad?

after seeing a couple of hmhm pieces in people's wardrobe posts i wanted to check in to see if anyone has any info in their current quality? when they first became popular here i joined their lj and was really excited about them.  until people were posting that communication was very poor, the wait for the items to arrive was outrageous, and items were not being made to the correct sizing.  is that still true?

Japanese Lolitas and Rules

I´ve been wondering something for a while, after reading and watching interviews with japanese lolitas.

Do japanese lolitas have rules? Is lolita a defined fashion in japan? Or can you just wear whatever you perceive to be lolita "Lolita"? Could you possibly even be lolita in pants? 

What do you guys think? Have you read anything about it somewhere?

Bodyline shipping?

I want to order some things from Bodyline and I was wondering which shipping option I should choose: EMS or AIR? AIR is cheaper but has anyone had any problems with shipping to the US? I was reading some negative things about DHL and was wondering if this is the same thing? I'm just worried that I might have to pay customs fees or something :/ Any help would be appreciated.