January 29th, 2012

[Group Order] Kidsyoyo Pony Bag

Hey dear,

I am wondering how many of you guys would like to have this bag.
Supplier: Kidsyoyo

Price: Total with shipping would be HKD$535

Kidsyoyo said they can make 2 colorways, After discussion, we are planing to ask Kidsyoyo to make Black x Pink  one and the Pink x Lavender  one. ^^

If you guys interested, PLS send me email (
loliparadise87@gamil.com) to sign-up with your data

Full Name:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=325854710790528&set=a.171022166273784.34692.100000980042344&type=1&theater

PS: I am new in Egl.>.<

A question about hello lace D:

Hi guys, sorry if this is a bit of an ita question (-le tries not to be ita even though she's new-)

Anyway, I was looking at some items on hello lace for the measurments, but then I realized, thats only one measurment, but everything doesn't come in just one size, right?

So is there anywhere else I can get the measurments for a larger size? Like I said, sorry if this isn't a relevent question but I'm a bit of a larger girl and I need to know which size I need before I make a WTB! post on the comm sales.

picture request: petit patisserie OP

Hi i'm looking for a picture of the OP of the angelic pretty petit patisserie series.

It's really peculiar shape and I really like it, I already have the socks and bow of the series and I may want to by the dress eventually. People have told me it looks a little frumpy on people wearing it so i'd like to know if anybody owns the dress and has pictures of them wearing it and what do you think of the shaping personally? I'd also like to know what would be a good petticoat to user under to keep the shape, I was think one for an a-line dress but i'm not fully sure.
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Question for UK/ London based crafty Lolis

My question is, where do you buy your fabric? I've sewn costumes before and would like to try my hand at lolita sewing, but most of the places near me simply don't sell any suitable fabric, so is there anywhere good you'd like to recommend? I live in the southeast, very close to London. Thanks in advance for any suggestions ^.^
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Queen of Darkness

Hello, I am quite new to lolita and I was wondering if this dress would fit with lolita. It is a dress from the Gothic brand Queen of Darkness. A web-shop states it is a lolita dress but I thought I'd better ask for feedback. (If I have done anything wrong please tell me, I am quite new to LiveJournal too.)