January 28th, 2012

Shops for plush bags??

Hello ^^,
I wanna know where i could find some not so expensive (like sanrio, san-x or also others similar brands) plush bags, for example a "head character", strawberry or sweets bags (also not furry, also in PU is good), because i cannot find some good plush bags who aren't Hello Kitty (i grown tired of her ;w;), and important thing..... i hope they are available without shopping serivice, because i cannot find a japanese ss with not so expensive fees. I tried Noppin, From Japan, Tenso... they look expensive looking to taobao ss :P or i'm wrong? I'd like to have some (second hand) Angelic Pretty plush or sweet/animal shaped bags but they almost impossibile to find in a not so expensive price almost new or little used...maybe i didn't search well, i don't know.

Oo Jia personal experiences?

Hey guys, im trying to find some more info about Oo Jias replicas, as there aren't alot of reviews that i can find.
I'd like to order her:
Vampires requiem jsk in blue
Silent moon in black jsk
Puppet circus jsk in black

I'm just starting up my wardrobe, sadly i can't afford the prices for the real deal right now,
but from what i can see, they look pretty spot on but id love to hear any personal experiences anyone has had with her. I'd love to know your thoughts on the quality, shipping and service.

Also i'd love it if anyone has brought any of the replicas listed above, and if they would kindly let me see pictures of them?

Thanks :}

need help!

I posted on the dallas lj but wanted to try here too. I will be spending the day in dallas today and was wanting to know if there are any places of intrest that I might be able to talk my family into stopping by. Its our first time there so I don't really know much. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

Calling all Asheville, NC lolis!

Hey ladies and gents~ Even though I'm a little bit new to lolita, I was wondering if anyone in the Asheville or surrounding area would like to have a meetup some time? I know all of you are going to be gorgeous and it would be a good way to make some new friends!

I haven't seen anyone around town so thats why I was making a LJ post, sorry mods if this isn't the right place ^^; <3

Help with Taobao

Okay, apologies in advance if this is a stupid question,

I know how to use shopping agents, my problem is I don't understand what currency it is in. I'm looking at buying a couple of Loris bags and assuming there is only one kind of "yuan" out there, when I put it into a currency converter and see how much it is in New Zealand dollars it's only $16 (ikk, roughly about $12 usd?) For an 89 yuan bag. This doesn't sound right to me at all..

What am I doing wrong?

LJ-Cuts on the Sales Community

Hi, everyone!

Due to the large number of PMs and comments we receive regarding broken LJ-cuts in the sales community, we'd like to put the issue to the community to settle the matter once and for all.

Under our current rules, we don't reject posts with broken cuts. We simply pass them through the queue and give the original poster 24 hours to place all text and photos behind a cut. We do this since LJ-cuts can be a little hard to manage- especially for those who aren't familiar with HTML or the LJ interface. Even the most experienced posters can run into issues with LJ-cuts if the site is being wonky! In our eyes, it seemed unfair to penalize users for a mistake that might not even be their fault.

Unfortunately, our stance on this matter definitely has its drawbacks. Any post with a broken post receives an unfair increase in visibility, and decreases visibility of those posts immediately following it. Furthermore, if a post has both a broken cut and large images, it can mess up both the egl_comm_sales layout and the layouts of individual users' friends pages. The practice of placing all posts behind cuts was instituted to create a more democratic selling environment, and allowing posts through without them can seem both unfair and inconvenient.

Clearly, our stance has both advantages and disadvantages, and we've heard plenty of very passionate arguments for both sides of this issue. In light of this, we've put it to a community vote. There are three different options: Leave the rules unchanged (so approve all posts with broken LJ-cuts and allow the offender 24 hours to fix their mistake), shorten the time limit for users to fix their mistake, and reject or delete all posts with broken LJ-cuts and ask that the user fix said cut before posting again.

There's no need to comment if you don't want to, but we would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to vote in the poll :)

( Follow the fake cut to the poll on the sales community~ )

Please note that comments on this post are disabled. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this rule, please make them to the post on the sales community!

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The right to "bare arms"

With the popularity of JSKS in lolita fashion, a lot of us own blouses which we wear underneath. This helps to achieve the level of modesty that comes with the fashion, as well as adds variety to each piece by layering a simple piece with perhaps a more detailed one (i.e. a heavily ruffled collar with a more plain neckline, lacy JSK straps with a plain sleeve, etc).

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lolita meetup

Hello :) I am planning a lolita meet in June or July. There will be a picnic and games then later there will be a fair in town. The cost to get into the fair is 5$ then for a wrist band (allows you to ride all ride unlimited amount of times till later that evening) is 25$ I will be baking menu sweets and can bring drinks as well. If interested please pm me ^^ hope to hear from people soon.
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Does anyone own these dresses?- Fanfriendplus

Hello! I'm a long time stalker of this group and finally joined.  I've been looking through other posts and have not seen anyone talk about it, so I'm going to go ahead with posting this.  I've been eying these dresses for a while now and finally have money to buy one. I'm also buying bloomers and maybe a apron, so I'm not worried about shipping. I've bought a coat from this site before so I trust this site fairly well.

Dress one: School Lolita-neck patch dress & hair bow

If you look at all the pictures you see the last few with a pink apron on it. I also will be buying that, does anyone own that as well and have pictures?

Questions about the dress

1. How are the sleeves attached when on?
2. If you happen to be larger, how tight is this dress (Lady 90 size in question.)
3. Do you have pictures of it on?


Dress Two: Classical Lolita Long Sleeves Dress


Anyone have any pictures of this on?

Dress Three:Lolita Princess in Country Xanadu:Tiered Pin-tuck Dress


This dress would have to be made custom.

1.Has anyone ever bought/ got this dress in custom?
2. How are the sleeves attached?

Thank you everyone.

BTSSB Lucky Pack and AatP Lucky Pack 2012

so, this is my first post to EGL ^^ and hello to everyone!
I'm a new loli to Lolita fashion, I started at middle of November 2011, and my friend Waiyi has bring me to this fashion, though I've always had a thing for Japanese culture and have heard Lolita before, but I didn't imagine myself wearing it one day :) Collapse )

Where can i find these shoes!

I know they are on clobbaonline, i messaged them about when they will be back instock, they replied with... not for a very long time o.o
I've tried a few taobao shops, and secret shop on there too, but i just can't seem to find them.

So i was wondering if anyone knew where else i could grab myself a pair of these?
Or anything very similar.

Thanks :}