January 27th, 2012

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Mustang's Tiny Wardrobe

Okay. So... Actually a little unsure about posting after seeing everyone's incredible wardrobes. Even ones that people have said were "small" are larger than mine. Aheh...

I don't have an extensive lolita wardrobe mainly because I focus more on punk, western goth, and visual kei fashions. So this post is probably more for my benefit, actually, so I can check back here next January to see how much larger it has gotten. BUT. Here it is anyway. ^.^
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Lolita Featured in Geek Chic Daily/Tokyopop

I'm not sure how many Lolitas check out Geek Chic Daily or Tokyopop, but I subscribe to both on Facebook and I've noticed that in the past few months or so, they've been featuring a lot of Lolita shots, pretty much every week. It's kind of interesting because I feel like it means A) The person who runs their social media is a lolita fan or B) Maybe they just want to feature lolita a lot? A lot of the pics they show are ones I've seen on EGL and other lolita sites and Tumblrs, such as the article from this week here: http://www.geekchicdaily.com/region/tokyopop/going-gothic-the-darker-side-of-lolita-fashion

Not that I'm accusing them of stealing photos or anything, but I am kind of curious if they asked for permission before using them on their newsletters? In any case, it's always nice when I see a Lolita pic pop up on my newsfeed. Does anyone else subscribe to either of these sites?

lonely loli

that subject sounds melodramatic but i really am a lonely loli.  i live in birmingham alabama usa and i don't know any lolitas from me area.  there's an alabama lolitas lj but it's been inactive since 2009.  i was just wondering if there were any lolitas around who would like to meet up and start a group.

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My first Wardrobe Post! Hurray!

Hello lovely ladies!

I'm very proud and exited to do my first Wardrobe Post. I've been wearing Lolita for a year now (Started with my first awfull coordinates in January 2011). I've worked very hard to earn money to be able to buy my stuff, having loads of part time jobs and baking goods that I sell at my institute.
So, here's what I currently own!

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Circus inspired cord

Or an attempt at anyway. I'm not submitting it into the contest or anythin' because lol. I don't have a proper prop or anythin and getting good pictures with my phone can sometimes be awkward, but it was fun putting the outfit together! 

I love my Dear Celine dress. It can be used for so much. >o< 

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Goody Bags!

So I need help. I'm broke and don't want to spend more than $30-$40 on a meetup I'm hosting to have goody bags for the Valentine's Day Meetup.

What are some cute cheap (maybe around $1? and I can buy in bulk =x) that other Lolita girls would like? ^^ Help would be most appreciated~
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