January 24th, 2012


kerashop.jp backorders?

Hello , I was wondering if anyone had any experience ordering from kerashop.jp? I ordered a few items and some of them are "backordered", and they said that they are not sure about a "release date". I can't really tell if they are sure they are going to get the items back in at all ? ? I haven't gotten an answer for that question yet. I'm wondering if it would just be easier to cancel those orders and just try and get the items from the original brand's website. So I'm just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation? Thanks
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Lolita JSKs for BJDs ( Need Suggestions! )

Hello, I've been making JSK with my own illustrations on Fabric for BJDs. I've been lurking for a while and I am into Mori Girl fashion, but I just purchased a bunch of Lolita outfits and I am in full Lolita mode again!

Which means I would like to draw more Illustration/Designs for JSKs again XD

So I need your help, what designs are people would like to see? There are a lot of strawberries, bears and cookies that exist but what kind of cuteness would people love to see being made or what are they tired of seeing ?

Feel free to edit/remove this if it's not appropriate, it's my first time posting ~

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Quick question about shoes.

So I was wondering about this. After having sewn almost a full wardrobe of OP's... (I'm telling you at like 3-4yrds a dress I'm addicted!) I've become increasingly worried about shoes.

I know the classic lolita look requires Mary-Janes, and sometimes boots if it's really cold, but what about ballerina flats? I don't really like straps over my feet or hard uppers against my Achilles's tendon. Boots simply do not fit my calves; even then they're not always appropriate. Also I've never liked platforms of any kind...

What about Ballerina Flats? I've never seen anyone wearing Ballerina Flats or posted about it either. 

Does anyone else have an opinion on this?


(PS, sorry about not tagging, I can't get the tag list to load, I promise to fix this when I can)

South Florida Lolitas: Ren Faire Meet

The South Florida Lolita Society is going to the Ren Faire!

On Sat. March 3 we'll be meeting at the Deerfield Ren Fair at 12:30 just inside the gate near the information booth. You can find more info on the facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/327947510578763/ Admission is $20, and you may want to plan a coordinate with comfortable walking shoes, as the event is outside.

There will also be a meet to see Secret World of Arrietty on Feb 25th, though a time and location is not yet set as theaters have yet to release movie times so far in advance.

SNT Coordinate Help

So, my friends and I are planning to do a twin coordinate with the Star Night Theater strapless JSK at an upcoming convention. I am wearing the blue version, and I was going to wear these shoes. How exactly could I tie this all together? I was thinking just a white blouse, but I'm not entirely certain. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

My friend has a dilemma as well, and she asked me to include it in this post. She would like to either buy Star Night Theater in red or pink, but she is torn between them. She is hoping that you lovely ladies might help her decide. She wants to wear her red RHS, if that helps any.
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Circus call contest and Survey!

LAST WEEK of Circus Call contest!
Please read the contest details here if you are interested in joining C:

We also need members to partake in a quick survey, so we can better suit the contests for everyone in the future.
If you have time, we would really appreciate you filling in this survey for us and letting us know your opinion!
Click here to take survey

Thank you ♥!

Angel Fashion?

Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of "Angel Fashion"? I'm assuming its either a Chinese based brand or importer. Unfortunately I didn't see the advert, but my dad found a shop with a big poster with "those puffy dresses you like" with the words Angel Fashion. Has anyone heard of it?
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Angelic pretty's new print?

I couldn't see this posted anywhere else so I thought I'd make a post about it. Apparently AP has a new print!

Angelic pretty's new print: Cupcake paradise? What do you guys think and does anyone know when it'll be released? I can say I'm 1000+ in love with it and I really want it in black! If its not out around march I think I'll save up my birthday money for it.

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