January 23rd, 2012

Questions about Angelic Pretty

This is probably going to seem really stupid of me but I've never brought a brand before and my birthday is in march so I will be getting a dress from AP. I can't seem to find any of the prints I originally wanted to get but at the moment they do have one print in their online store which I would love. Fancybox.

At the moment I don't have a spare 300$ + but I wanted to ask if they could possibly hold the dress for me until March 2nd. I don't know if this is possible though and most likely not but I wanted to ask anyway. I missed their whole reservation thing and I'm pretty sure it was only exclusive to the US store anyway. 

Thank you all. 

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Has anyone ever bought a wig from Peri-wig.com?


A friend linked me to it when I was fretting over my own wig having finally breathed its last, and some of their longer wigs are actually pretty nice for Classic, or Gothic. I even found a few in here that are Hime-appropriate. However, I'm worried about the quality. They average 25 USD and under, some even going so low as 15. You can't even get a full wig on the Comm-sales for that price sometimes. This looks way too good to be true.

Example: http://www.peri-wig.com/product.php?productid=729&cat=2&page=2

So has anyone bought from this place and can attest to the quality?

College and Lolita?

Hey ladies (and possible gentlemen?), as a highschool senior who just got accepted to my dream college,  I was just wondering if any of you have any experiences with college and lolita. Honestly I'm just looking for stories/opinions, nothing in particular. I just want to get an idea of what its like.

Thank you in advance! :)
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Lace This Journal Update

Sorry guys due to some family issues, trips to the hospital and my new job I'm going to have to push back the mailing date two more weeks.

If you have already mailed your journal don't worry. If you have gotten one just hold onto it until its time to ship.

The new mailing date is Feb 10

if you have any questions please comment, and I'll try to answer them ASAP. I'm in the hospital now and have to use my cell phone.

out of the majority: most popular prints of 2011??

I'm not sure if anybody has done a post like this before, but i'd just like to ask this question

last year I payed attention to all the new prints that came out and many lolita picture posting observing what many lolita's were wearing. I just would like to ask your opinion what you would have say were the most popular or wanted print collection of last year??

From all the pictures i've seen I saw a vast amount of ap sugary carnival and milky planet and aatp vampire requiem, I'm not fully sure

about other brands, but this is just my observation. From what you've seen what you say??

A Quick Reminder About Tags

There's been a bit of confusion about tags lately, so I just wanted to provide a quick bit of clarification on the matter.

At this time, only moderators and "tag team" members can update tags on EGL. So if you can't add tags to your post, don't worry- we'll take care of it for you :)

confused by Meta's measurements

hello, maybe this question has already been asked in the past, but I'm confused by Meta's measurements. I often see on HelloLace that the measurements of their JSK's are around 70 cm and I know the straps can be moved. but are the straps really more than 20 cm long? because when I ask for measurements from a seller for a Meta JSK, the minimum lenght (from shoulder to hem) is often more than 90 cm. I really like some of Meta's prints, but I think a dress of 97 cm would look strange on me because I'm only 154 cm (~5 feet). 

so my question is: are there any short Lolitas who do wear Meta JSK's?

sorry if my explanation is a bit vague, it's hard to describe this in English.    

Putting together a cord Help/Suggestions?

Hi guys! I'm about to buy my very first Angelic pretty dress~ So now I'm trying to decide what to wear with it. I've got an idea but I'd like a few second opinions so here we go

I want to tie the black in with greens and pinks- or at least thats what I'm aiming for

This is the dress.

I'm going to put this blouse with it is xxherexx in black.

The socks are xxherexx they may be subject to change though if I can find a better pair with a similar color scheme.

The shoes in dark pink xxherexx

And some bits and pieces xxherexx  xxherexx xxherexx xxherexx xxherexx xxherexx

I think it'll work though I'd probably like to find a better pair of socks. Any opinions? Thank you guys :D
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