January 20th, 2012


2012 Winter/New Year's On-line sales

Any DMV loli going to Katsucon in Feb?

I was just wondering if any of you friends of the frills going to Katsucon next month? If so I was wondering if we could do a tiny meetup. A feww hellos, talk a bit, maybe some pics? I'm new to the concept of an meetup, actually and would like to give it a try. If your up for it let me know with a comment or a PM!
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Shops is Berlin / Vienna

I have a choice to go to Berlin or Vienna this weekend and I wonder if there are any lolita/japanese fashion shops. I found NeoTokyo in Berlin, but are there any others? I'm also interested in shops with fabrics~.
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IW online order question

I bought kind of a lot of stuff during the New Year's sales and IW sent me one of my pairs of socks in the wrong colour. I almost feel guilty about this because Ms Sakamoto wrote me such a lovely note!

I actually like the socks I got (I got lucky--they match a dress I'd been having trouble matching), but I still want the ones I actually ordered. Would it be okay to tactfully inform them that they sent me the wrong colour, and I'll understand if they sold out of the colour I ordered, but if they haven't, is it possible to reorder them, because I did want them? It's not that I want a free pair, but if they don't actually HAVE the ones I want any more, I don't want to just keep these, order the original ones again and get another surprise pair.
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Room-mate's Early Birthday Present: How will it look?

So my room-mate, who apparently had a fit and hemorrhaged generosity all over himself all of a sudden, just bought me an early birthday present; a Malco Modes petticoat! Totally surprised me with it. God bless the man, really! I then asked what model number it was, thinking he had been visited by magic petticoat fairies and had managed to snag a 582.

I was in for a SURPRISE!


It's a model 565, a baby pink, a-line, 3 layer, 60 yard behemoth of a petticoat. Oh lordy lordy. How is this poof-monster going to look under my dresses? How much doctoring am I going to have to do to this bad boy? Should I wear it under my heaviest velvet dress to crush it down a bit?
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On being a tall lolita

Curiosity question to the other tall lolis out there...what's your preferred skirt length? I was thinking about this the other day while browsing wardrobe posts (and seeing lots of short AP skirts) and also as a result of planning the next skirt I'm going to make. What brands do you find fit your height best? Do you make your own skirts and what length do you make them? Do you like them AP short or very long?

Personally, I'm 5'10" and I prefer skirts at around 24"(~61cm) in length as I find it falls at about the middle of my knee (22" falls just above and feels too short and 26" falls just below; I have one at 26" right now and I will be shortening it a couple inches because it seems almost too long).

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Lumiebre 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Lumiebre has updated their shop with their new collection for SS 2012

They are available to reserve and would be released around the end of March.
I'm overwhelmed by the number of designs they put out. Lune is quite Moitie, Schola is very Jane Marple, Secret Cross reminds me of AATP, Bambi is so IW, Crown and Refle looks like Meta, and they have items in popular lolita prints too. This collection parasols/umbrellas in all 3 main styles sweet, classic and gothic so if you love parasols, check them out!

More Lolita doll eye candy!

Hi everyone! I got such sweet and wonderful comments about my last dolly post I thought I would share the last outfit that has been released.. I love classic lolita and rose/floral prints, although I do not wear it myself, but that doesn't mean my dolls can't! :) Although this looks like something Angelic Pretty would of released back in the old days, as its definitely over the top....

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AntP Trick Hat, Prick Heart


I love this print, but why is there a headbow as accessory for a print that features hats?  Why isn't there a great hat to go with it?

Update: http://egl.livejournal.com/18134133.html <Kera scans.
The hat in the Kera photo looks like they just put the matching hairbow on to an existing hat, not like they made one just to match the print.

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Just cross-posting a brief list of reminders from the lovely dandelion_cloud. If you have any questions or comments, please make them on the original post over on the sales community c:

Dear users, since some information is hard to spread without plastering the communities with links, I'd like to post a little reminder and update here:

✔ Please keep in mind that we can not create feedback pages for facebook users. If you are logged into LJ via facebook, we can also not send you messages. To use the egl communities, you need to have an livejournal account. If you are asking us a question using your facebook account, we can technically not reply to you. Not kidding, it really doesn't work!

✔ The mod lists on each community got updated and we are currently working on some kind of status post of the mods, so you can easily see which mod is available when and your requests can be taken care of without long waiting times. If you have a question you'd like to contact a mod about, please make sure you're giving this a thought:
  1. To which community does your question belong? Please make sure to message a mod who is in charge of the community you need something from. You can find the active mods in the sidebar at the left of each community.
  2. If you need an answer urgently, please try to message a mod who lives in your time zone.
  3. Please do not send a message to all mods at the same time. If you want some matter to be discussed in the whole team, please just let the mod you're contacting know that your message should be posted to the mod forum. Since we always try to make decisions as a team, chances are that it will be posted there anyway.
✔ If you have problems with a buyer/seller, please don't just leave positive feedback or take no action at all for fear of retaliatory negative feedback. Before adding a negative feedback to your page, we will hear both sides, and when you have done nothing wrong, you can not receive negative feedback just because you addressed a problem with the transaction. You can trust us to maintain the feedback community in a fair way and that we won't accept retaliatory or downright invented feedback at all. If there is any kind of problem, please don't hesitate to seek the advice of a mod. We deal with lots of different situations and problems every day and (almost always) know what to do, and we will do our best to help you.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice weekend! C: ♥