January 19th, 2012

Lolita Phone Apps

I've gone from luddite to Apple Iphone/ Android tablet suddenly, and am nevertheless thrilled!! I searched the memories, but the last entry I could find on this was in 2009, and it focused more on deco and phone backgrounds (I'm getting an AP one! Love!!).

I would love to know what kind of apps you girls use~~ do share your favourites!~~


a) What apps do you use to organize your lolita/fashion wardrobe?~~
b) Are there any EGL apps out there, or japanese fashion apps you would recommend?
c) Are there any photography apps which you love?
d) What literature apps (for reading lolis!) are there that you are crazy about?
e) Lifestyle apps or others?~~
f) Japanese music? ...I don't know...

Feel free to add anything you think about!~

I think it's ANOTHER Milanoo >_

Just popped over to the Lolita Sales group on FB and a company called FTCline are advertising their shop - they look a lot like milanoo, I wanted to get a 2nd opinion before I jump the gun and warn the group's mod. Their website is ftcline .com
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Secret Shop Tea Party's in Navy?

Hey guys, I'm looking into buying some Secret Shop Tea Party's soon, and I noticed that they are now making them in the navy color-way.  Has anyone bought these yet?
I would really like to see a picture of them in good lighting!  (Clobbao only provides a bad picture of a tiny material swatch)
Please show me, thanks!

NVM Clobbao just posted pictures and they are totally rad @_@
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Angelic Pretty Valentine's Day Tea Party

Angelic Pretty Released ticket sales for their Valentine's Tea Party.

"Tea Party Location: Secret Garden Tea House
721 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122

Tea Party Date & Time: 02/12/12 2:00PM ~ 5:00PM

Tea Party Ticket requirement:
First 35 customers who purchase $60 or more instore/online Angelic Pretty items,
will qualify to purchase the Angelic Pretty Valentine Tea Party ticket for $25."

Buy yours now before they sell out:

crown, thanks, perv, w00t

Blouse sizing


I am a fledgeling designer looking to develop some plus size blouses for lolitas, steampunks, quaintrelles, luxettes. I am trying to determine size range, but there isn't a lot of standards for plus sizing, and the last set of national standards that was done in the 70's isn't available.

So plus sized ladies I am developing blouses based on bra sizes, what is your bra size?

Also please rant about the problems you have with the blouses you own, gaping, tight shoulders, ill fitting sleeves, boobloaf, shirring giving you that lumpy "ruched boob effect".

sorry for crowdsourcing data via egl, but if clobba is allowed, why not I.