January 17th, 2012

Two questions: Versailles and Houston

I will be going to Versailles this summer, but I've heard a horror story about how two girls were not allowed inside because of wearing lolita. What experiences have you had? Is it a general rule that decadent, rococo-inspired fashions are not allowed in? *ironically*
I've been thinking that I could just carry some extra clothes I could change into.if they won't let me in otherwise, but it would be nicer if I wouldn't have to carry a big bag around all day.

Secondly, I might be going to Houston for half a year or so from august to some time next winter, but I am a bit worried about how tolerant an area that might be when it comes to lolita! I've never been to any part of the US before and until now I have barely gotten any comments where I currently live (Denmark). I'm worried that Texas might be tougher on lolitas than what I'm used to. What are your experience?
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If you were a victim of vandalism, what would you do?

Not that it has happened to me, personally, but I'm you may all remember the case of the unfortunate lady who some neanderthals threw a bucket of paint on after she'd finally, finally obtained her very first coord (I cringe every time I think of that horror story), and I'm pretty sure I recall another story where someone threw an egg at another lovely lolita. Fortunately, I don't hear of things like this happening very often, but condolences to those who have been most unfortunate. To the point: if you are a victim of vandalism - say in your very favorite, very expensive dream print that you've slaved to obtain for months - what can you do? Would you be able to sue them for the damage of personal property and worth of the dress? And what could you possibly do if your vandals get away?
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Who's going?

It's a while away, but event submission is coming up. I meet several lolitas at this convention quite consistently. But, I rarely see more than one at once. Do you guys want to have an event this year? I'm up for organizing anything from a simple meet-and-greet to a panel.

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Hi there! To tie in with the general theme of Wardrobe for this month, I wanted to share with you a review from my blog. It's a Bodyline review and is my first proper order from them, and thus, has expanded my wardrobe. It's brought me into the liquorice lovliness of Sweet Lolita in black colourways and I've bought some staple items too to make my wardrobe not so laughable.

To read, please click here~!
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A Smattering of Sax Suits

I first got into lolita in 2005. I made my first awful post to EGL that year, and was consequentially butt hurt by the criticism (very fair criticism; I was just young) I received. It wasn't until about 2008 that I actually tried to put together an outfit again. I had learned a lot since my first attempts, and had restarted my wardrobe from the ground up. I took some risks, did some experiments, and had a lot of fun in lolita until an incident over one of my risks drove me out of lolita again.

I haven't actually worn lolita since 2010. I wasn't sure if I was going to wear lolita again. There was a lot of negativity associated with it for me now, and I sold off everything I used to own. Gradually, however, I started to gain a little more self-confidence, a little more strength, and I started to purchase pieces again. I still haven't worn lolita again yet, though.

I like to wear dark colors in the autumn and winter, and light colors in the spring and summer. I don't actually like brand very much, so I try my best not to purchase it is I can help it. I don't have much of a wardrobe, but this is what I have so far:
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Milanoo on Youtube

I'm sorry if something like this has been posted before!
So today I was watching youtube, when suddenly I see this commercial in the corner:

Yup. They're on youtube too. I just posted this if someone still has missed that What aBeautiful Life are Milanoo. It just kind of creeps me out, they're everywhere. If you search "cheap fashion" one of Milanoos sock puppets is the first result.
Thanks for reading!

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Nerdfighter lolis

Calling all Nerdfighters! After finishing The Fault in Our Stars and getting caught up on videos (youtube.com/vlogbrothers, for the curious), I decided to join YourPants and found that there was no lolita group. So I made one. If there are any nerdfighter lolitas (and based on a loli secret from a while back I believe there are) please join! The group is at http://yourpants.org/groups/frillfighters/. We can use it for whatever: book discussions, personal projects, world-suck decreasing. I hope to see you there!
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Calling crafters and long-term lolitas!

I will be doing a short talk on lolita fashion as part of a conference at New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester, UK.

The theme of the event is "The Shape of Things" and is on global and contemporary craft. My talk will discuss how the internet had shaped world wide lolita - that it not only helped in spreading knowledge of the fashion, but that websites like taobao, livejournal (inc. sewloli/geekloli etc), etsy, blogs etc but made the fashion became more attainable and therefore more wide spread.

For those who were involved in Lolita in the early days, could you please explain how you feel about this point.
For crafters, I would love if you could tell me your feelings/experiences regarding lolita related craft and the internet. Also, I'd love it if I could use some pictures of your creations.

Thank you!
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A petticoat review

Ah so I posted a first timer's review of a petticoat from that one ebay seller


I was unfamiliar if anyone had posted a review on it before. But I went ahead and did one here on my blog.


Once again, this is my first time. So it may seem rough. Bear with me :)