January 10th, 2012


AP, BTSSB & AntP Lucky Pack restocks

If you missed them on the first round, they have restocked:

See through blouse?


So I was wondering, I ned to get a blouse, I'm searching around etsy, and most I find are very easy to see through. My question is, Wold a camisole work under? If the blouse is very transparent, maybe it would look weird if you could see the camisole?
What do you think?
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I'm doing a giveaway on my blog. The prize is a handmade lucky pack customized to the answer you give, along with a book selected in the same manner. It's open to all followers, both old and new, and requires only an answering reply on the contest entry.

New blog review up!

Just letting everyone know that I have a new blog review up! It's a Momo & Jia Baby blouse review! http:theheianprincess.weebly.com Please read and laugh at me! ^^
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