January 9th, 2012

Bonnets and Hairstyles

I tried using the search function, but the only post I found on this subject had only one answer that didn´t really help me.

I´m considering ordering a bonnet (replica of the Midsummer Nights Dream bonnet in navy), but my hair is SO dull. It´s about shoulderlength at longest, but is cut in different lengths to make it more "lively", but because of all the different lengths in it, it is so hard to style with clips and stuff. I feel like a bonnet would need a different hairdo than my usual lolita (I put a roseclip in my hair by the ear, usually, to at least do something..)

Any advice? :)

Word Wizardry

Good evening. Recently, I've started compiling a list of words to use in the search of loliable clothes, because it occurred to me that the language of fashion is often very handy for that kind of thing. I've been experimenting on Etsy, and I wanted to know of any other words that refer either to clothes that work with lolita or yield easy-to-alter items or synonyms for things like Mary-Janes or JSK''s.

So far I have:

Collapse )

We've got quite few already, and any words you can add would be helpful!