January 8th, 2012

Lolita Cellphone Wallpapers

Hi ladies! (and gents, too!) I bought myself the Samsung Galaxy S2 as a Christmas present and just finished making some lolita~esque wallpapers I thought others would like. These are made specifically for the Galaxy S2 (as that's the one smartphone I own), they have not been tested on other phones; but if you have this model PLEASE feel free to take them, use them, and share them!

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Wardrobe Post 2012

I've been enjoying the wardrobe posts because I'm very interested in how people organize their items! I was rather surprised when I started counting things in preparation for this post that I had over *mumble mumble cough* lolita-related and loliable items, including accessories.

My dream is to one day have a giant walk-in closet where I can store everything, but right now my lolita items are scattered in several places around my house.

Closet 1: JSKs, OPs, skirts, blouses, purses, petticoats
Closet 2: Cardigans, hats, more blouses, jackets, casual stuff
Closet 3: Coats, shoes, parasols

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Question: Can anyone ID this JSK?

I got this back in 2007/2008, its Beth by Victorian Maiden, but other than that it's a bit of a mystery to me, does it have a proper name? Are the stock photos still about somewhere? I can't find it on Hello Lace, or anywhere for that matter.

Thanks for any help ^.^
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French Cafe hoodie?

Does anyone have pictures of the French Cafe pull-over hoodie that had the cookie/biscuit printed on the front with blue white and red striped ribbon as the strings on the hood?
I'd really like some stock pictures of the hoodie in white as it's one of my dream items and I'm thinking of trying to get my hands on it sometime soon.

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Odd Request

Okay, I know this is a really weird thing to ask.
But I was wonder if anybody would happen to have any photos of dark skinned lolitas that they could share?
I've been combing the web for some inspiration for my drawing but can only find a few photos. Maybe I'm just searching the wrong phrase? I dunno.
So yeah, if anybody could be so kind as to send me some reference photos.
You can link here or send them through messages on LJ, whatever works.
Thank you in advance!!