January 7th, 2012

Searching for posts 'What do you feel while wearing lolita?"

"What do you feel while wearing lolita?"

I know that is a highly discussed topic and that there were lots of posts about it that I've seen in the past.
Now I'd like to lurk through these posts again for some research, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
Until now, I've crawled through 'loli lifestyle' / 'loli rules' / 'why I like lolita' - posts, but that's not what I'm remembering.

So, maybe some of you still have bookmarks to those posts 'cause as said, I haven't come up with the right posts during my search.

Thanks in advance
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What a beautiful life review?

Has anyone ever ordered from http://www.whatabeautifullife.com/Lolita-Clothing-D ? Everything seems to be a decent price, Even if some of the designs are hit and miss. I can't find any reviews from anyone, other then what is on their website. To me all the pictures scream milanoo, or stolen with the Photoshopped backdrops. However their facebook page has over 27k fans, and I can't help but think if the clothing is all awful they wouldn't have that many fans would they?

Fashion Show at Ofelia Market

   Hi everyone!   

Ofelia Market is an amazing fair event specialized in burlesque, gothic, lolita, pin-up, rock 'n' roll and vintage fashion. This event is held couple times a year, and every time they have lots of sellers with really lovely stuff, nice fashion shows and other theme related performances. The latest Ofelia Market was held at 10-11th of December 2011, this time their theme was steam punk. We participated this wonderful event the first time and  decided also take part to the vendors fashion show. Here's some pics and a video of our part of the fashion show.

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IW New Year's LP A

I just got my Innocent World New Year lucky pack (option A) today and I wanted to share. I think I got some really lovely pieces! This could also count as a wardrobe post because other than my brown Octavia IW JSK, this is all I have, haha. That means my entire wardrobe is brown and cream...

1 hair bow, 2 JSK, 1 OP, 1 blouse, 1 pair of socks.

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AP Dream sky outfit

Hi, this is my first post in this community <3
I've just bought the Dream sky skirt in navy, (my dream print!) and I want to use it with more than one outfit.
What do you
suggest? Could you post pictures of outfits or describe them?

thanks for the help! :D