January 6th, 2012

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Trouble with the community sales?

Sorry if I'm being mind-breakingly stupid here, but, I can't seem to find the right time to post on the sales community. No matter when I try to post, it seems like it's reached the maximum queued posts. This is really, really frustrating, and since I've tried multiple times, I've got a bit of a fear that I'm actually filling up the mods' queu with the same post. Has this happened to any of you folks before? I'm really confused.
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travel to New York

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I'm going to travel to New York in march, I would like to know if you could could tell some places I should visite that's have some lolita finds there.
I know there's tokyo rebel and H&M some times have some accessories and blouses.

Help with Japonica Market

About Japonica Market
Hi, there's an item that I want that ends today and I need to do an deposit urgent, I never used then. So when send the money on paypal to then there's this:

5:Enter Deposit / Membership Number "cXXX or yXXX"/ Auction ID in subject field.
What's Membership Number?
I would really appreciate the help because I really want the dress

Sweet Rococo Review

I haven't seen much about Sweet Rococo around here, so I thought I might do a review of my order. :)

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   First off I'd like to say the prices were expected for lolita. Around 250USD for the JSK and another 25 or so for the headband. Then add shipping and you're pretty much in brand pricing territory, but it wasn't obnoxious and was worth the money. Shipping was a few days late, but I was responded to with a quick and polite reply when I emailed them on the status of my package. It took around two to three weeks to arrive.
   This brings me to my favorite part- designing!! This is by far what earns SR big points: creating your own dress! There are many things to design. JSKs, skirts, hair bows, headbands, shoe clips and even royal princess crowns! You get to choose everything from necklines, to fabrics, skirt shapes (and lengths too, a godsend for taller lolitas such as myself) lace, rickracking, the whole shebang! I felt like a fashion designer making all the choices. :o) It's nice to have a unique dress that no one else has. I do want to warn about mixing colors and fabrics. You can't be sure the texture and true color of the fabrics until you see them in person, so I would advise some discretion. The good thing is, is they list the exact type of fabric, sizes of lace etc so you can get a very good idea of your choices. As I was designing my dress, the detachable waist tie in the back was set to be the same fabric as the bodice, whereas I wanted it in black. A quick email, and I was told they would be happy to change it up in the color I wanted. One thing that pleased me to no end was the choice of sizes! I'm sure plenty of us can recall falling in love with a beautiful dress only to discover it was intended for tiny Asian bodies, much to our chagrin. Sweet Rococo has a range of sizes from I believe an XS (you petite girls are in luck!) Up to an XL! I myself purchased a size large. I am about 5'7", 140 lb and d cup breasts. The dress fit wonderfully, with room for a blouse and breathing room! I was incredibly happy.

   The overall quality of the dress is lovely. Construction is wonderful, sturdy and exactly as I designed it. The fabric was good. Not great, but certainly up to par. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a burlap sack and 10 being a silk dress, I would give it a 7. The lace was beautiful, The dress was fully lined, and although it was not lined in cotton as I had hoped, it was lined in regular lining material. The bow on the waist front is detachable, the ribbon on the shirring easily adjustable and that skirt can hold a LOT of petticoat. The rress was worth every penny, as was my headband which was made of matching Alice in Wonderland print material. Overall, this dress does not look homemade, itatastic or cheap in any way so it was a sucess!

Another plus to designing your own dress with SR is, if you take a picture of you wearing your new dress/accessories/etc they will give you a discount on your next order!

Sweet Rococo also has an online boutique, carrying things like blouses, bloomers, petticoats (I am interested in these. Has anyone purchased one from them? How was it?) and even popular dress, skirt and accessory designs of fellow lolitas!

Overall, I would suggest this dress for larger girls buying their first brand dress that do not have obscene amounts of cash to blow. You can be sure it will fit nicely and be beautiful. Even the most prestigious, expensive a beautiful brand dress will NEVER look nice stretched tightly and uncomfortably over someone too large.

I loved my dress, and I would recommend Sweet Rococo any day. Here it is. :)

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