January 5th, 2012

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Lolita Graphics for Sales Posts

Hi all! I hope this isn't too OT, but I've seen a lot of posts on the Sales Comm with really adorable Loli-esque pixel art borders, icons and banners, and I was wondering where people get theirs from? I tried looking around in the memories and doing a search on 'graphics' but nothing turned up. Any links or recommendations would be much appreciated!
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Hair help

Okay I may be imagining this but I keep thinking there was a post with images for all different lolita haircuts (long,short,long W/bangs, etc) but I can't find it. Im getting my hair cut soon and I was trying to find it for some ideas with short hair. so any help would be fantastic

And another wardrobe

Yay for wardrobe themes! I really love watching other people's wardrobes. ^_^
Last year I was too shy to post my wardrobe here, so I only posted it at my blog. But this year I decided to post it here too.

My wardrobe is a mix of black and pink (with a few other colours), and has sweet, gothic and classic items (and a few pirate). It has brand, offbrand and handmade by me. So yeah, quite a mixture!

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