January 4th, 2012


Shreveport/Bossier, LA Possible meet-up

Hi there. I'm trying to get the Lolita's in my area together so I'm reaching out to all the forums I can. This area is kinda quiet so I wanted to help us find each other. I am planning a Meet-up around Valentines Day and will either host it at my home or if the group is large enough we might go out. I have never hosted one before and I have only been to one, so it wont be too fancy and kind of laid back. Most of those who are interested so far are beginners as well. More experienced Lolita's from the surrounding areas are welcome as well. 

My Wardrobe

I'm also a first time wardrobe poster, and while it needs some cleaning out, I'm pretty happy with my collection :)
I couldn't find everything, so there are a few items missing from it, and I sold/traded one or two dresses after I took the pictures, but overall it's a pretty good representation of my wardrobe atm.

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BPN lucky pack haul post :)

Got my very first BPN lucky pack today, along with AP's Maiden Ribbon set in black. Not sure what all I plan on keeping yet out of the AP pack, but I didn't fit into anything in my BPN pack really, but I am keeping the super soft comfy scarf, and the one knit top I got. Here is the full haul pic. Individual item pics added, but new day light photos will be taken tomorrow. sorry about the cruddy lighting!

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Can I please get a shopping partner?

I still have not bought my first lolita dress yet!
I've looked at many of the legit websites, yet still find it all very overwhelming. Maybe I just don't find shopping fun, or enjoy fussing with google translate. So can someone please give me a helping hand! I see a lot of clothing for sweet/pink lolita types. My style is gothic lolita. Black, dark blue, or dark purple are the color choices I'm looking for. Where would I find such a a thing at?

Please post a direct link if you can- not a directory list. Cuz I have looked and thus still lost.