January 3rd, 2012

A little question: Red lolita dresses with black shoes or other black items?

Hello to all community! Feel free to delete this post if there is another older one about this question, but i used the egl search and i didn't find stuff related about this.
So, my question i have in mind since so much time is..... red lolita dresses with black shoes.... yes or no?
I'd like buy something similar to this:
Or this:
Also a black cardigan, black shoes, white (or also white/red) socks and red sweet lolita dresses like these is a good coordinate?

YOUR tea party menu~!

Hey everyone! Tis the season for tea parties and house guest. So tell me, what is on your menus? Here are a few of mine! (If they are simple enough I'll post a little recipie under the dish.) As you can see, mine are simple and cheap for a lot of people. Cause I'm a broke chick but a wonderful hostess

A morning tea party
Home made egg mcmuffins
Just crack one egg into each cup of a greased muffin pan. Add seasonings and cook at 350F for 30 minutes. Freeze them for later or make a slag load for guest. Serve alone or on a scone.
English breakfest tea
Sliced up fruit
Like apples or pears or something.

Noon/Afternoon tea party
Homemade cookies or a cake. (Spiced or not depending on the season)
Fruit salad with yogurt insted of cream
High tea
French bread ham and cheese sandwiches

Toast the bread and use olive oil mayo and brown musterd. Trust me here.

Night tea party
A spiced or fruity cake ALWAYS
Rice balls or a soupy dish
Green, Chai or Earl grey tea

These are just a few of my cheap and easy go to recipies when I have a tea party and only one day to plan. I actually have MANY different versions but what I wanna hear is your menus.
hogworts girl cg 3d

question for long term lolitas.

I'm trying to narrow down when lolita stared to catch on in the US. so that I can have the cartoon set in that year.

This question is mostly for older lolitas, What year do you remember seeing people at a con in a loltia dresses ? I'm talking about people "doing" lolita for the con not people who are into the fashion.