January 1st, 2012

An Ordinary Loli Wardrobe for Everyday Wear?

I wear Lolita every day at the moment, but I feel like there is not that much of a variety in my wardrobe. I´m playing on certain colors for everything to match (black, purple, red and white with a bit of pink)in different mixes, but since I have a relatively small wardrobe I think, with only 4 JSK´s, 3 skirts and various t-shirts and shirts (only 2 of them frilly shirts that were made to be lolita) and very few accessories (I guess I have 5-6 necklaces and very few bracelets as well)

How big do you think a lolita wardrobe need to be for it to have variety enough for everyday wear? I´m sorry if I´m being a bit vague or if this is a strange question. I just want to know how big the ordinary lolita wardrobe is when it´s used for everyday wear :) if that makes sense.

Photo request: BtSSB Chained Berry Memoir JSKs

Hi all, I've searched this community and daily_lolita and only found about one image of the Maria JSK being worn. Does anyone have any photos of themselves (heck, or other people) wearing the Maria or Jenny JSKs? I'm trying to decide which version to get and I'd like to see the Maria version being worn especially, since I can't tell if the big collar is going to look odd on me.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A possibly odd Vampire Requiem skirt question

Hey everyone! I had a question about the AatP Vampire Requiem corset skirt I was hoping you might be able to help me with. I wasn't able to find an answer on other sites, unfortunately.

It closes with a zipper on the side. I was wondering if there's meant to be a hook and eye closure or something similar at the top of it, as my other skirt from the brand has one there. Mine has a little bit of fraying there, and I received it in a trade in that condition. Just wondering if the lack of hook and eye is a damage that I should list if I choose to sell the skirt, or if it actually wasn't there to begin with.

Thank you! 

ETA: answer received, thank you! 
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January Updates

Welcome to the new year! To start off 2012, we have new themes and banner art for the month of January.

Artwork this month is by gurliebot. You can view more of her work on her DeviantArt.

The General Theme for January is Wardrobe
Did you grow your already expansive wardrobe in 2011? Or did you just start collecting what undoubtedly will become heaps of lolita clothing? To start off the new year, let's share our treasured lolita wardrobes!

The Aesthetic Theme for January is Circus
There are a handful of famous circus prints, but better yet, many a lolita has coordinated his or her own circus-themed outfit using their imaginations and a healthy splash of color! If you have an adventurous streak and a love of the spectacular, then show us your circus-themed coordinates!

And stay tuned for the announcement of December's contest winner, plus the details of January's brand-new community contest!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EGL! Wear lots of lolita, make friends and have a terrific 2012!

Fruits Parlor coordinations!

Hello, ladies! For Christmas I received Angelic Pretty's Fruits Parlor OP in red and pink, and though I love it to death, I really don't know what to coordinate it with! If you girls would be so kind as to show me some of your red and pink Fruits Parlor ensembles, I'd be very appreciative!

Drawing// Kurumi!
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Another lucky pack question...

Hi ^^ I might try my luck at the New Years/lucky pack sale at BtSSB tomorrow. Does anyone know if you buy in person if there's a limit of 1 to a customer or can you buy 2? Thanks and Happy New Year :3

ETA: I think rules are different at different stores ^^? At the one by my house you can buy two at a time (but you can't buy two of the same one). After you buy 2 you can get in the back of the line and buy two more if you want!