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Animerei's 2017 wardrobe/storage post

I've been building my currently wardrobe up for about 8 years now.
This is the fourth timeI have done a wardrobe post.  Here is my 2012 post, my 2013 post, my 2014 post, and my 2016 post.  I didn't make a wardrobe post in 2015.

I currently live in a Yup'ik village in bush Alaska, so all my frills are in a storage unit.

I moved from a city of about 200,000 people... a village of about 700 people.  With no roads - those are boardwalks.
The nearest town is 100 miles (160km) by airplane.  The nearest city is 500 miles (805km) by plane.

My frills have been living here for four years:

I'm going start by apologizing for the quality of photos in this post.  I had to bribe my older brother to help me take everything out and photograph it.  Luckily, he agreed to be paid with a McDonald's chicken wrap and a drink.  LOL.   I am in absolutely and utter awe of the wardrobe posts I've seen that have professional-level photos.  I tip my bonnet to you ladies' dedication and time!  This post represents 18 hours of photo taking and editing.  I can't even imagine the amount of time invested in some of these other awesome posts... O_o;

Inside my 10' x 10' x 8' (4.6m x 3m x 2.4m) storage unit
I own four of these nylon-covered wardrobes from IKEA (there is a black one next the blue wardrobe)

They have extra storage at the bottom!  This was very important to me when I was shopping for wardrobes.

As you can see, they are not *quite* tall enough for some of my longer dresses.  But I love the storage space at the bottom, so it is a good trade-off.

The wardrobes are metal frames (easy to assemble!) with a nylon outer layer which velcros in place.
I was honestly surprised at how much weight each can hold! O_o

Since my wardrobe is in storage, about half of the photos will be from previous wardrobe posts, or my old PoupeeGirl account (rei-jelly).  You can also easily tell which ones are new pictures taken with my iPhone because they are awful quality - LOL

OPs and JSKs:

Moi-Meme-Moitie "Silent Moon" long OP
Moi-Meme-Moitie lace sequin OP (does anyone know the official name?)
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Quadruple Chiffon" OP

Innocent World "Fairy Tale" OP
Haenuli "Angel of Music" OP
Alice and the Pirates "Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~" OP
Enchantilic Enchantilly "After Tea Party" OP

Handmade OP
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Cathedral Ruins" long OP
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Sleeping Garden" OP
Alice and the Pirates "Masquerade Theater" OP x2

Alice and the Pirates: Vampire Requiem OP   (sorry, I just realized that I have the back bow draped over the front bodice...oops)
Moi-Meme-Moitie: Holy Queen JSK

Alice and the Pirates "Vampire Requiem" long JSK
*after many years, I was finally able to add the lavender JSK to my collection!*

Alice and the Pirates: Melty Mermaid Princess JSK x3

Angelic Pretty "Cotton Candy Shirred" JSK
Metamorphose "Tartan shirring" JSK
Angelic Pretty "Chess Chocolate jabot" JSK x2

Metamorphose "Twinkle Journey re-release medium length" JSK
Metamorphose "Crown Princess Bouquet" shirring JSK
Metamorphose "Songbird Bouquet" shirring and bustle JSKs

Metamorphose "Blooming Garden" shirring JSK
Metamorphose "Secret Library" JSK
Metamorphose "Twinkle Journey" shirring JSK

Metamorphose "Kingdom of Chess" Bishop JSK
Metamoprhose "Daydreaming Goldfish" Tuck Pinafore JSKs
Metamorphose "Dreaming Heart Lemon" medium JSK

Fox Feathers "Angel of Death" JSK
Innocent World "Lotta" JSK
Angelic Pretty "Jewel Ribbon" shirring JSK
Angelic Pretty "Wonder Party" JSK

Innocent World "Rabbit Letter" re-release JSK
Angelic Pretty "Classic Fairytales" JSK
Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Shirring Princess" JSK
Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern" zipper JSK (1st release)

Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival" tiered JSK
Innocent World "Velveteen Rose Crown" JSK
Innocent World "Rose Stained Glass" long JSK
Innocent World "Felicia Crown" long JSK
Innocent World "Rococo Rose Border" long JSK

Angelic Pretty "Chess Emblem" special set JSK
Alice and the Pirates "Nostalgia Tea Time" JSK I
Haenuli "The Promise of Eternal" JSK
Metamorphose "Dim Lights" re-release JSK

Angelic Pretty "Honey Cake" JSK
Metamorphose "Jewel Butterfly" shirring JSK
Angelic Pretty "Castle Mirage" 2nd release JSK
Angelic Pretty "Milky Planet" special set JSK

Metamorphose: Apple shirring JSK x3  (I'm still angry at myself for selling the matching white JSK!)

Angelic Pretty "Wonder Cookie" JSK
Metamorphose "Secret Laboratory" JSK
Kids YoYo "Night of Black Magic" JSK
Angelic Pretty "Cinema Doll" JSK

Lief "Sacred Night" JSK (ivory - 1st release; black - 2nd release)
Angelic Pretty "Radiant Candlelight" halter JSK
Angelic Pretty "Sugary Carnival" special set JSK
Angelic Pretty "Holy Night Story" JSK

Krad Lanrete: Mozarabic Chant long JSK
Metamorphose: Brick House switching JSK
Metamorphose: Antique Bouquet long JSK
Metamorphose: Heart Leopard OP
Metamorphose: unknown berry print shirring JSK


Metamorphose "Heart Leopard" mini skirts, JSK + bloomers, and circle skirts

Alice and the Pirates: Mermaid in Jewelry Box SK
Metamorphose: Melody Cat SK
Metamorphose: Dark Night Guardian SK
Metamorphose: Fairytale SK

Baby The Stars Shine Bright: Lovely Cherry March x3

Metamorphose: Cat Flocky SK
Metamorphose: Masquerade Lady SK
Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Red Riding Hood SK

Metamorphose "Apple Print" SK
Baby The Stars Shine Bright "Angel's Whisper in the Holy Night" Uriel SK

Metamorphose: Rose Birdcage SK x2 (medium & long)
Metamorphose: Magical Painting SK

Victorian Maiden underskirt
Metamorphose "Crown Princess Bouquet" SK
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Iron Gate" long SK (altered)


Metamorphose "Square Neck Ribbon" blouse
Angelic Pretty "Cinema Cat" cutsew
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Cross Arch" bolero
Atelier Pierrot shirred blouse

Metamorphose (I can't remember the name of these blouses - help!)
Kids YoYo "Night of Black Magic" blouse

Innocent World "Antique Rose" (white, beige)

BTSSB "Babydoll shirred " (navy, brown, pink)
[old photo: I gave the pink blouse to a friend of mine]

Dear Celine "Poet of Spring"
Angelic Pretty "Heroine"

BTSSB shirred long-sleeve cutsew
BTSSB long sleeve shirred blouse
Bodyline "L382" (beige)


Pink coat by Mary Rose.  Faux fur collar is removable.

Red capelette with removable faux fur collar.  By Mary Rose (from DreamV's shop)

Metamorphose "Heart Leopard" retro jacket (yellow, gray)  [FRONT + BACK]

They are reversible!  :)  Both styles have pockets!

If real fur items offend you, please do not click the image above, as it will take you to an image of the contents of the box.
Inside this hatbox are a vintage Schiaparelli fox fur cape and mink hat.

BTSSB yukata


Kept in 3 plastic storage bins:

Top: Angelic Pretty "Classic Fairy Tales", Metamorphose "Jewel Butterfly", Metamorphose "Crown Princess Bouquet", BTSSB "Snow Queen", BTSSB "Lovely Cherry March"
Middle: Metamorphose "Dark Night Guardian" and "Blooming Garden" clips, BTSSB "Sweet Jewelry Princess", Metamorphose "Brick House" barette, Angelic Pretty "Chess Emblem", AP unknown, BTSSB "Lovely Cherry March"
Bottom: Moi-Meme-Moitie "Cross Arch" and "St. Peter's Lace", Angelic Pretty "Radiant Candlelight", Angelic Pretty "Cinema Doll", Innocent World unknown + rose

TOP: Angelic Pretty "Wonder Party", Angelic Pretty unknown, Metamorphose "Twinkle Journey", Angelic Pretty "Milky Planet" barette, AATP "Masquerade Theater"
2ND ROW: Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival", Angelic Pretty "Chess Chocolate" x2, AATP unknown, AP "Jewel Ribbon barette, Metamorphose "Apple Print" hair ties, Meta cameo barette, IW "Lotta"
3RD ROW: Angelic Pretty "Jewel Ribbon", AP unknown, Meta "Dark Night Guardian", AP "Cotton Candy Shop", Meta "Apple Print", BTSSB "Unico in Bloomland"
BOTTOM: Angelic Pretty unknown, Kids YoYo "Night of Black Magic", AP "Holy Night Story", Meta "Secret Laboratory" clips, hand-dyed rose, Meta "Antique Bouquet" headdress

Alice and the Pirates "Masquerade Theater" bonnet

BTSSB "Merry Sweet Chocolate" and "Merry Sweet Cookie" barrettes


Shoes are currently stored in their original boxes inside the wardrobes

I am also using my Angelic Pretty suitcase to store shoe boxes.  And Grimoire tights.

Alice and the Pirates "Cabriole frill" shoes in ivory
Baby the Stars Shine Bright "Princess Drop Chandelier" shoes in pink & black
BTSSB "Antique Ribbon" shoes in black
BTSSB "Short Belted Boot" in brown x2
BTSSB "Carol" shoes in black

All Angelic Pretty
"Cinema Doll" in pink
"Melty Chocolate" in ivory
"Tea Party" in navy, dark red, and dark pink

Moi-Meme-Moitie in black (x2) and white
(does anyone know the name?)

Innocent World "Gretel" in navy


Currently, I have them stored in a three-drawer storage bin:

TOP DRAWER: tights and wrist cuffs

MIDDLE DRAWER: brown, pink, ivory (and the lone colors, like purple)

BOTTOM DRAWER: black, blue, and other dark colors

TOP: AP "Holy Lantern", AP "Wonder Party", AP "Royal Queen", IW "Felicia Crown", IW "Embossed Crown", AP "Royal Queen", IW "Lotta", AATP "Melty Mermaid Princess", AP "Shooting Star", AP "School Emblem", MMM "Cross Arch" lace up.
MIDDLE: AP "Classic Fairy Tales", AP "Shooting Star", AP "Jewel Ribbon", Meta "Brick House", Meta "Dark Night Guardian", AP "Twinkle Carnival", BTSSB "Snow Queen", AATP "Masquerade Letter", Meta "Crown Princess Bouquet", Meta "Daydreaming Goldfish" x2, MMM "Cross Arch" lace up.
BOTTOM: EE "Goldfish Jewelry Box", Meta "Apple Print", AP "Cinema Doll" x2, AP "Marshmallow Rope", BTSSB "Unico in Bloomland", AP "Daydream Carnival", IW "??", Meta "Masquerade Lady", Meta "Jewel Butterfly", Meta "??", MMM "Cross Arch" lace up.

*forgot to photograph my Meta "Blooming Garden" OTKs because they were in the wash... >_<


I store my bags in plastic bins.  I did this even before I moved my frills from my house to a storage unit.

Angelic Pretty "Melty Chocolate"
Angelic Pretty "Scallop Lace"
Angelic Pretty "Pancake Mix"
BTSSB "??"
Angelic Pretty "Twinkle Star"
Angelic Pretty "Polkadot Ribbon"
Angelic Pretty "?? Ribbon"
Handmade using authentic Chess Chocolate fabric

Innocent World "Antique Book"
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Bat"
Moi-Meme-Moitie "Iron Gate"
AATP "Vampire Requiem" in lavender, red, black (I want to find ivory, too!)
Innocent World "Rabbit Letter" in blue

(my camera 10000% hated taking this photo and was like "LOL WUT IZ BLUE?!")

Angelic pretty "Original Strawberry Print" suitcases

(the one on the left is in kinda bad shape and is quite faded)


Alice and the Pirates "Rococo Frill"

Black Peace Now
Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival"

from the Lolita Collective (hard to tell, but this is navy blue)

Angelic Pretty "Stawberry Print" umbrella.  Black.


Angelic Pretty logo ribbon
Angelic Pretty "Holy Lantern"
Angelic Pretty "??"
Moitie "Tulle"
Angelic Pretty "??"
Alice and the Pirates "??"


I store most of my jewelry in plastic boxes.  I also have a separate box for the really delicate pieces (like AP headbands)

all Angelic Pretty
"Magical Moon"

"Magical Trick"
"Magical Star"

(I have a second Magical Trick bangle in lavender, if anyone is willing to trade me for a piece I don't currently have)

 Angelic Pretty "Tricky Night"

This is my absolute favorite series of AP jewelry.  I have a second bangle in black/orange, if anyone wants to trade me the black/pink)

Angelic Pretty "Holy Cross" in black

Angelic Pretty "Holy Cross" in white

Angelic Pretty "Holy Cross" in lavender.          (If anyone has the necklace, I'd like to buy it!)

Angelic Pretty
"Whipped Magic" necklace, bangle, ring, headband (pink)

Angelic Pretty
"Sweet Crown" necklace and ring (pink)

Angelic Pretty
"Little Donut" necklace, bracelet, ring (brown)

Angelic Pretty
"Honey Bear" necklace, bracelet, and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Melting Ice-kun" bangles and necklace

Peace Now
Spooky Star and Poison Worm necklaces

Angelic Pretty
"Sweet Cream" gingerbread man and bear rings
"Sweet Cream" gingerbread bear necklace
"Country of Sweets" gingerbread man necklace and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Fantasy Giraffe" necklace and ring

Angelic Pretty
"Polkadot Love Heart" bangle, ring & hair clips (red)

Angelic Pretty
"Decoration Pony" necklace, bracelet and ring (lavender)

Angelic Pretty
"Fantastic Perfume" bracelet and ring (mint, purple)

Angelic Pretty
"Playing Card Carnival Pony" necklace
"Fantastic Ribbon" bracelet

Angelic Pretty
"Dreamy Horoscope" ring and necklaces

Angelic Pretty
"Melty Moon" earrings and necklace

Angelic Pretty
"Melty Chocolate" bangles, bracelet, necklace, and rings

Angelic Pretty
"Dream Star"
rings (1st release)
necklaces (2nd release)

LP cameo necklaces                          (these things are amazing and I don't know why people hate them so much...)

Angelic Pretty
"Milky Planet"
ring (1st release)
necklace (2nd release)

Angelic Pretty "Misty Sky" necklace (navy)
Angelic Pretty "forgot the name" (pink)
Metamorphose "Rose Letter" necklace (wine)
Angelic Pretty "Sugar Hearts" necklace

Enchantilic Enchantilly "Tea Cup Bunny" and "Red Goldfish" rings
BTSSB sparkly gingham ring
Black Peace Now cross rings

Angelic Pretty "Present Box" ring
Angelic Pretty "Sealing Stamp" ring
Angelic Pretty "Chocolate Piece" ring
Angelic Pretty "Daydream Carnival" ring
Angelic Pretty "Wonder Cookie" ring

Brand Whore pin  (thanks mach2kudou!)
Great Lakes Lolitas 10th anniversary pin

Moi-Meme-Moitie: Antique Rose necklace


Novelty items are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to collect.  Which would explain why I have THREE giant bins of them...

PILLOWS!  Victorian Maiden, Angelic Pretty, Metamorphose, & Alice and the Pirates

Angelic Pretty and Moi-Meme-Moitie

Innocent World "Lotta" mirrors.  Can either be table mirrors or hung on the wall.

Cosmetics bags and hand mirrors     (the thing that looks like an AP button is actually a mirror on the back)
Angelic Pretty, Black Peace Now, and Moi-Meme-Moitie

Gotta have some brand cosmetics for those cosmetics bags, right?!   I have three of these MMM lipsticks  (red only, I'm not into the blue or black)

BTSSB fans (they match the yukata sets) and a Moi-Meme-Moitie fan from the 2015 winter happy pack

BTSSB bunka doll and Usakumya hand puppet

Jewelry Boxes.
Peace Now/Black Peace Now, Angelic Pretty faux book, & Angelic Pretty "Luminous Night Festival" box

Moi-Meme-Moitie tissue case, keychain, and phone wrist strap
Angelic Pretty "Chess Chocolate" playing cards and "Chocolate Rosette" nail stickers
Enchantilic Enchantilly ...something.  I think it is either bath salts or a sachet of potpourri for a dresser drawer.  It has no label explaining it, but it smells nice and is clearly granular in nature.

Angelic Pretty x Vlli Vlli  nail stickers
"Daydream Carnival"
"Dream Sky"

Angelic Pretty rose-scented bath salts
BTSSB "Paris Window" washcloth (which for some reason has a strawberry phone charm in the top...?)
Innocent World wash cloths

Alice and the Pirates "Gloria" and "Vampire Requiem" phone cases.  Will fit an iPhone 5/5s or 6SE.  I used one of the Gloria cases for 2 years with it showing minimal wear.
I have several BTSSB cases, too, but I forgot to take a photo.

Paper products!
Angelic Pretty and Imai Kira postcards (not all, just examples).  AP "Assorted Cookie" and BTSSB floral stationary sets.
BTSSB pop up book, BTSSB/AATP washi tape, BTSSB note pads, AP coloring book, MMM sketch pad
MMM day planner pages, IW crown and rabbit letter stationary sets, IW antique pansy journal, AP fancy paper dolls stationary

Innocent World "Lotta" placemats and coasters
[insert joke about needing a lotta these for my kitchen table]

Brands often seem to give out weird food products at their teas.   All Angelic Pretty.

BTSSB and Putumayo bento boxes
BTSSB, Moi-Meme-Moitie, and Putumayo chopsticks and cases/holders

Angelic Pretty "French Cafe" cutlery x3

Angelic Pretty red polka dotted items                (the item on the far-right is a fondue set)

Angelic Pretty pink polka dotted items

Angelic Pretty "Assorted Cookie" plates, bowls, and spoons

Angelic Pretty "Brilliant Night Party" tea cup, saucer, sugar bowl, spoon, creamer.  WHY IS THERE NO TEA POT FOR THIS SET?!?!?!
AP also gave out a highly-suspicious edible sugar ice cream cone.   I should have put this in the "fucking ridiculous food AP has given customers" photo.

Angelic Pretty "Princess Dreamy Carnival" tea set (platter, tea pot, and mug).  Two sets.  One has a broken platter that I haven't repaired, yet.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright "The Most Beautiful Dog in the World and the Most Delicious Strawberry Frappe in the World"  ALSO KNOWN AS "PUP IN A CUP" or "BABY'S LONGEST NAME"
2 sets of identical tea cups.  I turned one set around to show the logo on the back of the cup.  And a mug.

Angelic Pretty.  Various berry-themed items.  Parfait glass, ice cream dish, candy bowls, and plates.

Innocent World tea cup, saucer, and small plate

Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea cups with saucers.

(I'm very frustrated because I'd found a 2nd red polka dot set + matching white set...and they broke during shipping to my deputy service. *cries*)

BTSSB cat plates.  Because...cats.

Angelic Pretty "Brilliant Night Carnival" dinner plate and bowl.  Sadly, the design was applied after glazing and I will probably never eat off of these.  :(

Emily Temple Cute plate and cup set.  So adorable, but in order to get it, you had to spend an obscene amount of money on their point card system.  I'll prob. never find another one.

Miscellaneous Angelic Pretty pieces:
"Sugar Fairy Cake" rice bowl
"Trump" water glasses
"Royal Chocolate" platter
"Miracle Candy" candy jar
ribbon water bottle

AATP plate
BTSSB sundae-themed water glass
BTSSB "Baby's Secret Cake Factory" mini plate
BTSSB 2004 Autumn "Alice and Dinah" plate

Moi-Meme-Moitie tall glasses (they're either shot glasses or very tall votive holders...not sure which, but I'll gladly drink alcohol out of them!)
Moi-Meme-Moitie water glass
Black Peace Now tea pot
Black Peace Now for Men plate
Moi-Meme-Moitie mini plate
Black Peace Now castle plate
Metamorphose logo plate
(the BPN mirror snuck into this shot...I didn't feel like retaking the pic once I realized how many hand mirrors I had, so it got photographed twice)

Moi-Meme-Moitie wine glasses.    COME DRINK WITH ME.

I have champagne flutes, too!

Angelic Pretty "Cherry Berry Bunny" water glasses and coasters

Metamorphose water glasses and coasters.

My gripe: none of the brands have a consistent size for their glasses.  Some are super tiny (maybe 3-4 fl. oz.) and others are like 8 fl. oz.

Probably my favorite thing I own.  This sheet set took me so many years to find.

My most prize 'non-clothing' item: Moitie sheets and dust ruffle!  *_*

I never thought I'd find these, much less in the correct size!  Now I just wish I had the rest of the set...

I hope you enjoyed your trip through my wardrobe!

If you made it all the way from start to finish, I salute you.  This post, from photography to editing to uploading and posting took about 22 hours worth of work.  I am in SERIOUS F---ING AWE of all you ladies (and gents!) who basically take pro-level photos of your wardrobe.
I honestly have no idea how you do it, since at this point, I want to drink myself into a stupor.  Except I live in a dry village, so I can't.
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