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Wardrobe Post 2017

This is my second wardrobe post, first wardrobe post to EGL. My 2016 post can be found here on Google photos. My 2017 post can also be found here on Google photos. I find it easier to look through on mobile devices.

I'm generally a sweet lolita, but have only just started acquiring gothic pieces. Please forgive my mismatching blacks for the time being. I try to create coordinates I haven't worn before when making my wardrobe post, so some might seem a bit of an odd pairing.

IW Ladder Lace Flare OP

MM Bertille OP

Meta White Sailor Pinafore Dress with Collar

Meta Black Sailor OP

AP Navy French Dot Dream JSK

AP University JSK

AP Tartan Holic Skirt

AP Frill Marine JSK (Modified by me)

AP Red French Dot Dream JSK

AP Blue Napoleon Marine JSK

AP Rabbit Outing Salopette

AP Miracle Candy OP

AP Chocolate Rosette Skirt

AP Chocolate Rosette JSK

AP Ivory Royal Chocolate Round JSK

AP Ivory Royal Creamy Chocolate JSK

BTSSB Stardust Fantasia ~Holoscope of Twins Star Kittens~ JSK I

AP Sax Dolly Cat JSK

AP Sax Aquarium Carnival Peplum JSK

AP Perfume of Wonderland JSK

AP Sax Whimsical Vanilla-chan OP

AP Sax Romantic Little Garden JSK

AP Sax Sugar Dream Dome High Waist JSK

AP Sax Sugar Dream Dome Collar JSK

BTSSB Sax Queen of Snow Princess JSK

AP Blue Twinkle Sky JSK

AP Green British Bear JSK

AP Green Cirque De L'Étoile JSK

AP Green Princess Cat Tiered JSK

AP Wine Radiant Candlelight JSK

AP Wine Holy Lantern OP

AP Wine Holy Lantern JSK

AP White Holy Lantern JSK

AP Navy Holy Lantern Skirt

AP Navy Milky Cross JSK

AP Navy Holy Theater JSK (still in the process of modification)

AP Navy Cat's Masquarade Vest
AP Black Moon Night Theater Skirt

Moi-même-Moitié blouse and skirt

Atelier Boz Roland Jacket

JetJ Brebis égarée Bustier
BTSSB Velveteen Skirt

Infanta Wine Snow White Skirt 2

BTSSB Black Heart Party JSK

Meta Juliet Shadow Stripe Dress

BTSSB Michael's Blessing JSK

BTSSB Claudia, The Fairytale Princess OP

AP Princess of Roses Dress

BTSSB La Robe Vert Clair OP, Hat/Shoes are handmade by me

Other Items that didn't make it into a coordinate this time:

BTSSB Marie Antoinette Pumps

AP Elegant Doll Boots

AP Dolly Cat T-shirt

AP Navy Toy March Blouse

AP Wine Simple Line Bowtie Blouse (does color bleed)

Magic Tea Party Christmas Morning Embroidery Small Cape

BTSSB Aran Knitting Cardigan

BTSSB Black Teddy Ribbon Short Jacket

AatP Navy Sophia Short Coat

Infanta Navy Wind Coat

BTSSB Alicia Flora Coat

AP and offbrand gloves

Brand totes

AP Sweet Heart Straw Bag, I'm excited to coord this with Romantic Garden.

Offbrand, BTSSB, and AP Parasols

Miscellaneous. I sadly did not get a chance to grab a photo of all jewelry.

AP Ivory Quartet Chocolate Echarpe

And that's all! I know I missed a few things, but oh well. Thank you for reading! Any comments/critiques are appreciated!
Tags: *angelic pretty, *baby the stars shine bright, community: wardrobe post, theme: january

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