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My wardrobe in the snow

Hello! This is my first post here. I've been an enthusiast for lolita for over a decade, but my wardrobe's still quite small. I live in a northern state in a log cabin with small windows and the lighting in winter is awful, so I had to take the pictures outside.

Metamorphose jsk with Gunne Sax blouse; Moi meme Moitie Iron Gate skirt with thrifted blouse
This jsk and skirt were the first major lolita items I ever bought, back in 2006.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Wiz me Over the Rainbow jsk with thrifted cutsew; Haenuli The Little Prince jsk with thrifted blouse.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Little Red Riding Hood applique skirt with Gunne Sax blouse; Metamorphose cutsew with handmade skirt.

Gunne Sax op; thrifted op.

Bodyline op; Bodyline jsk with thrifted cutsew (same one as with Wiz me Over the Rainbow.)

Bodyline skirt in black with Gunne Sax blouse; same Bodyline skirt in cream with thrifted blouse; then those last two with thrifted vest. (and pink petticoat peeking out, sorry about that.)

Bodyline op; Bodyline skirt with thrifted blouse.
Both this op and skirt are the same pattern as a Metamorphose op that is my ultimate dream dress.

And in the sewing pile, undergoing alteration:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Hem Scallop jsk; Alice and the Pirates Cock Robin Mother Goose jsk.
I'm shortening the straps of the former and inserting a zipper into the latter.

And some accessories and things:

Pink felt boater hat is Metamorphose; brown bow is Metamorphose Brick House barrette; cream headbow is Innocent World Roman Trump headbow (which I bought in celebration of the election, heehee.)

Didn't bother with socks or shoes; I don't have much.
I have quite a few more loliable thrifted blouses and a couple dresses, but it's a bit fuzzy since they're all offbrand and I don't have a clear distinction between my lolita wardrobe and my regular wardrobe; I try for all my clothing to be at least borderline loliable or moriable. Thank you for looking!

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